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Scary Granules Episode 10 - Rub it on mah face

by Scary Granules   //   9:35 AM on 03.09.2013

HA! Yeah, we're back again! BET YOU DIDN'T EXPECT THAT.

Joke's on you guy who put a bomb under my car seat, I don't even drive!

...wait, so who's ca... err MOVING ON..

On this week's show we talk about games.


Glowbo describes in excruciating detail her love of Mass Effect and her ability to simultaneously rub all the discs on her face at once; XCOM comes up AGAIN, The Mythical Adventures of Lara Croft is discussed, and we talk a little about AvP Classic... Oh, and Colonial Marines... AGAIN...
AGAIN *sigh*

We talk about a few 'exotic' movies aswell.

And by exotic I ofcourse mean digusting.

In the second half we discuss classic games that we feel stand the test of time and are still worth venturing into today; we talk a bit about the different types of gameplay that have tended to dominate the different console generations and why games like System Shock 2 and Hellnight should still be sort after titles in an age of photo-realistic graphics and sky-high production values.

Oh, and that's followed by a short segment on the beards of videogaming. Yeah, we had that much spare time.

Like the filthy scumbags we are!

Have we kicked our respective heroin and sun-tan lotion addictions?

Why not tune in to find out!

...or alternatively just download the episode; hiring that radio transmitter out 24/7 probably wasn't the most fiscally sound decision we've made as a podcast, but you live and learn!

Scary Granules Episode 10 - Rub it on mah face

DOWNLOAD HERE - http://sdrv.ms/X8kOr4

Direct Link

questions/abuse/mad rants about Olivia Thirlby's moustache can be sent to us at:


Or alternatively talk at us directly:


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