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Raise up your hands for the Scary Spirit Bomb!

by Scary Granules   //   6:32 AM on 07.15.2013

At Rezzed Glowbear did an interview with Threaks, the team behind an up and coming excellent musical wonder of a game called Beatbuddy. They've collaborated with a host of talented musicians with high fan bases, including the team behind the soundtrack of Journey on PS3.

We'll add a trigger warning for your children, as Glowbear's true form is less than cuddly.


My preview of the game can be found here:

Big Red Barrel Beatbuddy Preview

We also got our mittens on the developers behind Prison Architect and they managed to suspend their fear in my interview questions and give us a nice shout out as well.

Myself and Panzadolphin, my co-host and co-podcast creator are working on a new website that will amalgamate (such a sexy word) out works in all their various media formulas into one gloopy, erotic bundle and we need help for all of YOU to help us get off o a great start and make something of ourselves, because clearly becoming gaming journalists or whatever is what our mothers have always wanted for their grown up adult kids.

If you can see it in your little hearts or big ones depending on how high in grease your diet is (MY HEART IS BIGGER THAN THE SUN), we'd appreciate any support we can get.

Our personal Twitters are as follows: Glowbear Panza

Our Scary Granules Twitter is as swallows: Scary Twats

Our website bip dong hallow: Scary Granules Official HQ

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