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Scary Hair Studios

Scary Hair Studios: 'Master of Unlocking'

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Love Mass Effect? Show some of that love here!

For all the details, go to masseffectzine.tumblr.com If you or anyone you know if a fan of the Mass Effect series, I strongly urge you to share and reblog this. The more exposure we can get, the greater diversity of art, comics, and prose can be included. We're looking for stories and art from all across the globe.


'I Don't Know...' Halo 4 Review Comic

The entire game, I kept expecting Master Chief to say this. Halo 4's single-player portion is really good. While its narrative doesn't seem to concerned with explaining itself to newcomers, the character moments stand out above everything else (Which is certainly novel in a Halo game). To see it in its animated gif format, visit my tumblr, Dungeons & Donuts.


Dead Space Fan Film that I made!

I made a Dead Space fan film back in 2009 with a friend just before Halloween. I dug it up and finally finished editing it. It's rough around the edges, but still the only Dead Space fan film existing as far as I can recall. Leave a comment, and a fap on this blog if you like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFI8w6tZx7I [watch here for bigger video size]


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