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Scary Granules's blog

5:37 AM on 10.07.2015

Glowbear has published a book!

Glowbear aka Claire has her first book Magpies and Shifty Sheep is available now on Amazon. Please help spread the word and all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research Charities, after surviving rounds with it herself. Thanks Dtoid folk!   read

3:25 PM on 09.22.2015

Eurogamer 2015

Hi folks, ScaryGranules will be at EGX in Birmingham this weekend and if you're around too that's lovely. What is lovelier is if you say hi and want to grab a beer every 15 mins as queuing for games can be thirsty work.   read

5:48 AM on 07.26.2015

Her Story and Bears Can't Drift!? Reviews

Why hello there, how are you? Fancy reading and watching some reviews of recent games? Yeah you do, you saucy minx. Bears Can't Drift!? (how rude) Written Review can be found here on our website   read

5:48 AM on 06.20.2015

Scary Granules Episode 30 - Super Special Collectors Edition

It's a beautiful moment, not just for the Scarygranules duo Glowbear and Panza, but for all of you. I mean the joy that we're feeling cannot come close to the sheer ecstasy that is overwhelming you and your brethren. Ye...   read

6:49 AM on 05.23.2015

Scary Granules Episode 29 - ULTIMATE EDITION!

A cold wind blows through your knickers, an omen so dark it can only herald the coming once again (oh my!) of that sickening podcast the kids refer to only as the 'Scareth Granuleth podcast', and only then in hushed whis...   read

12:39 PM on 04.13.2015

Scary Granules Episode 28 - Let the titties shake free

April has hit us right in the face and that gives us the right you hit you in yours with Episode 28 of Scary Granules Glowbear and Panza, who look so graciously gloriously good thanks to Roberto Plankton's artwork, talk...   read

12:48 PM on 03.24.2015

Dragon Age Irish Legend Lesson

One half of Scary Granules and Destructoid writer Glowbear has made a video to help people learn more about the lovely language that comes from Ireland, via vidjagames. On previous peisodes of the SG podcast it's been br...   read

9:51 AM on 02.22.2015

Scary Granules Episode 27 - Peter Molyneux's pants are on fire

It's another month and that means another episode of Scary Granules. This episode we discuss, as usual, the recent games, films and books we've been putting our grubby little hands and lewd bulging eyes on. Glowbear tal...   read

3:23 AM on 01.24.2015

Scary Granules Episode 26 - Buck Rogers Special!!!!

The year is 2014, and the Destructoid community has just launched the last of it's deep space exploration missions, Scary Granules 7. In a freak mishap whilst navigating their way around Jupiter's rin...   read

6:44 AM on 03.30.2014

Scary Granules Episode 25 - The Clickety Clack 25th Special!

Yay! NOW GO AWAY!!!......No wait! Stay stay. Things got a bit emotional there. It's our 25th episode special, where apart from the usual illuminated plushie and mutilated dolphin ramblings, we also have the lovely members ...   read

11:30 AM on 03.23.2014

Scary Granules Episode 24 - Attack of the Tentacle Monster

Oh what a beauitful morning, oh what a beautiful day I am surrounded by tentacles Panza's real name is Donny Gray YES FOLKS! Another fantabulous episode of Scary Granules just for you and no one else. We talk about games w...   read

3:48 AM on 03.08.2014

Scary Granules Episode 23 - In Which Glowbear gets Willy Whispered

Some podcasts aren't meant to be listened to by mothers. 100% of the remaining podcasts, mothers have no interest in. This podcast is in the other remaining 100% whereby none of you should listen, but deep down you will. You'...   read

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