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Scary Granules is a podcast about videogames, movies and generally all things horror, not to mention a frightening journey deep into the twisted psyches of two people who frankly should have been certified by now.

If you like an hour and a half of nonsense poured into your ears then you've come to the right place!

Name us and we shall have power no more:

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Attack of the Tentacle Monsters
Episode 24
The Clickety Clack 25th Special!
Episode 25

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April has hit us right in the face and that gives us the right you hit you in yours with Episode 28 of Scary Granules

Glowbear and Panza, who look so graciously gloriously good thanks to Roberto Plankton's artwork, talk about the games they've played and also about life. Not their lives because, good grief we wouldn't do that to you.

We do once again, have difficulty pronouncing that game Panza is playing with the evil bear aka Danganronpa and Glowbear activates grumpy old woman mode as she speaks about the annoying dialogue of the cheesy hipster FOOLS in Life is Strange.

Combined powers of gratitude flow towards modders and mods we enjoy in part 2.

We give the smallest amount of time to the "scandal for the sake of it" that came from Lionhead posting pictures of humans. BE FREE TITTIES! 

We also explore the madness that comes from games like Evolve going overboard with DLC and what constitutes as a full package retail game. 

Scary Granules Episode 28 - Let the titties shake free

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One half of Scary Granules and Destructoid writer Glowbear has made a video to help people learn more about the lovely language that comes from Ireland, via vidjagames. On previous peisodes of the SG podcast it's been brought up that Dragon Age features many Irish nouns and most are mispronounced, so sit back, pop on your headphones and get Irishmucated!


It's another month and that means another episode of Scary Granules. This episode we discuss, as usual, the recent games, films and books we've been putting our grubby little hands and lewd bulging eyes on.

Glowbear talks about what makes a found footage stand out and found footage horror films can fail if they forget what key notes they should stick with.

We also discuss recent Gaming news such as that norty wittle Petey Mildew telling porkies and give our opinions on our experience with his games, when we saw him give a ludicrous Curiosiuty/Godus talk at Rezzed and why he is the way he is.

We also explore the madness that comes from games like Evolve going overboard with DLC and what constitutes as a full package retail game. 

Scary Granules Episode 27 - Peter Molyneux's pants are on fire

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The year is 2014, and the Destructoid community has just launched the last of it's deep space exploration missions, Scary Granules 7. In a freak mishap whilst navigating their way around Jupiter's rings and simultaneously trying to reach for the TV remote to turn over from Jeremy Kyle our two hosts, Panza DelaDolphino and Glowbear Stinkypants Mcgee, are thrown off-course and into a freak spacial anomaly that knocks out their life-support system, frozen in suspended animation and left to drift back towards Earth as the years hurtle by things don't look good for our intrepid hosts...







Shaken from their hybernation, still clutching their alcoholic beverages and assorted munchies, and now hurtling back to Earth at a speed never before experienced by normal human folk Glowbear and Panza decide to do the only logical thing: Record another episode of their awful podcast.


Yes, that's right folks, we're back. Sorta. Kinda. Hopefully.

And we return with a very special Buck Rogers themed Scary Granules episode for you... YAY!!!! Though you can't actually see them, Panza and Glowbear are dressed as characters from the hit 80's TV show Buck Rogers in the 25th century for the entirety of the show. Panza obviously resembling Buck Rogers the most so dressed as him and Glowbear quite clearly resembling the space vampire from that one episode... so much so that she didn't even need to dress up!!

But it's not all about the Buck, we have diseases to talk about, and we played videogames (I'm looking at you Alien Isolation!), we also natter a bit about the Hellraiser comics, Glowbear waffles on about a Dragon Age something or other... I'm not sure, I sort of blacked out for that bit! What I can assure you we do have though is a good sense of humour, a raspy voice that will make you cry and enough entertainment value to fill an entire mid 90's early morning kid's TV show!

And just a warning you guys, this episode is 95% Buck Rogers. And by 95% I mean we mention him once and then get back to talking about all the random shit we talk about on every other episode!!! Dramatically exciting I know!!!!!!!!!!!

Scary Granules Episode 26 - Buck Rogers Special!!!!!

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NOW GO AWAY!!!......No wait! Stay stay. Things got a bit emotional there.

It's our 25th episode special, where apart from the usual illuminated plushie and mutilated dolphin ramblings, we also have the lovely members of Destructoid tell us what their favourite gaming moments ever, ever are. These are moments that stuck with them like chewing gum on your eyebrows. Some really touching and interesting selections, so be sure to stayed tune right the way through for that.

As for Us, ourselves and I - We tentatively look at the ho-drum Sarkeesian copyright issues that came up recently and ponder "well ok but what took the owners so long?" and we give our own thoughts on the Bullshot Bullshit that is Developers pulling a graphically Peter Molyneux on us by showing degraded quality trailers for games we were shown to be jawdropping initially.

All that and Panza's breathing, Glowbear's stuttering and some audio sync problems that might make a section of the 2nd half trippy for you guys, but go with the flow.

Scary Granules Episode 25 - The Clickety Clack 25th Special!


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Oh what a beauitful morning, oh what a beautiful day
I am surrounded by tentacles
Panza's real name is Donny Gray

YES FOLKS! Another fantabulous episode of Scary Granules just for you and no one else. We talk about games we've played and games like Metro 2033 that, while being enjoyable, feel like they will just not end. 

We expand our minds to various gaming topics that have popped up and we make promises, to make promises to perhaps dress more modestly for the next special episode.

Scary Granules Episode 24 - Attack of the Tentacle Monster


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