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Just like everyone else here I'm a twenty something nerd who enjoys video games. It wasn't really until I was about fourteen that I really started getting into games and other mediums. As a kid my folks never bought me video games, let me watch movies, or enjoy tv and "most" music so I lived a terribly dull nonexistence. For years I had been skimming along by sneaking over to friends houses and the occasional visit to my uncles who had an original Famicom. Thankfully that all changed and I've been overdosing on everything I can get my hands on since.

Sadly I'm not rich so as much as I love video games I can only play so many so often. However movies and tv happen to be a little cheaper. I believe that all current mediums in our culture cross reference each other whether it be good or bad. Games influence movies, movies influence tv, tv acknowledges that video games exist every once and a while.

Honestly I really enjoy this community and just want to contribute what I can.
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Welcome to this weeks podcast and oh we have a kickass episode for you here. First up we jump straight into Splinter Cell talk. So far I'm loving the game. Thankfully I had some training in Arkam Asylum so the concept of action stealth is not foriegn to me. However I did play Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory so it took some adjusting to the new image of Splinter Cell. In the old games they encourage you to go around and never be seen or even kill any one for that matter. However in Conviction they mechanics of the game support the player into killing everyone in the room. Is this a bad thing? No, of course not but it is the alienation of older players and the hope to appeal to the lesser hardcore crowd. The word "casual" still does not apply to Conviction. In other game news I mention that I am once again addicted to Katamari. I need help.

In the world of Television Holden explains his love of the new show Ugly Americans as I am underwhelmed by Jusified and V.

Jumping into news Starcraft gets an AO rating in Korea and I try to wrap my head around how people need to play a game so bad that they physically die. Meanwhile Sony hates the Green Hornet and Joss Whedon gets to rewrite Avengers. We finish up news with a public service announcement about Net Neutrality.

We reviewed the film Kick-Ass obviously and actually have one of our best discussions yet about the film and what it is saying about superheroes and our current modern world. Enjoy.

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