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ScanCase avatar 1:20 PM on 04.14.2010  (server time)
The RDS Podcast: Episode 08 - Fix it in Post!

This is a very special episode this week because we finally have a theme song. We also have a little outro as well but it isn't vastly different than the intro. Not to mention the ten minutes that I spent on it. The music was provided by Newgrounds user TheUprising1, which we thank him greatly for and you can go straight to his page using the link, and I just slapped some movie quotes on top of it. Make a game of trying and figure out where all the quotes come from and post them in the comments. It'll be fun!

Of course we did actually talk about things. First up was a mildly indepth conversation about Ikaruga. Holden has been playing this game for years and I just got into it recently. I've been really enjoying it even though I can barely get through the first world.

The rest of the episode contains some updates on TV shows like Chuck, Carnivale, and the crowd favorite Doctor Who. Once we move into news however it's pretty much comic book news until the trailer and movie reviews.

The trailers was an interesting mix of girl movies and guy movies and we even touch on that a little bit right before we move into the review of Date Night.

Remember you can contact us at [email protected] and subscribe to us on iTunes

Link to the show!

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