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SayWord avatar 4:17 PM on 08.31.2012  (server time)
The Faces of SayWord

That is all motion controls are good for... am I right? heh :-P

One of the great things about posting on blogs of any sort is the anonymity. You can say what you want, talk as much shit as you want and you will always be safe behind a computer screen. When I read peoples shit I want to know what kind of person he/she is. This makes reading their blog, article, whatever it may be a lot more enjoyable to read. With that being said I want you guys to get to know me!

So if you are willing to read this bullshit that I am about to spew forth I feel sorry for you and I hope you enjoy. :-D

That is me when I was just a tiny little thing. People say I haven't aged much since then...

Ah but this also brings up memories and these are memories that I would love to share.

I remember walking into a Canadian Tire store one day with my parents whom where going to get me a surprise. Oh fuck I was so giddy, being so young and getting excited for every little thing. Now I just get bonerz. :-(

Anyways I walked up to this counter and my dad asked me "son which would you prefer? A Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis?"

I didn't know shit then... how the fuck was I supposed to decide this? All I knew was I was getting something cool and I was so fucking excited. So the biased clerk dude recommended Nintendo and saying all this shit I did not understand, so we ended up getting the SNES. I would kiss that guy now! I would die for my SNES.

I got home ripped the shit out of the box, hooked up the SNES to the TV and then took a minute to stare in bewilderment at the Super Mario World cartridge that came with the SNES.

I put the cartridge into the slot booted up the system and my life changed forever. That moment of first controlling Mario, the feeling I got, I will never forget. If I could describe it to you now its like one of the best orgasms you ever had and you couldn't stop coming, and then when you think its done you come some more. :-D

And this is how I turned out now haha. A huge gamer and a collector of everything related. I usually like almost any type of genre and I'm very easy to please when it comes to games.

I am 23 now and just graduated business college. Hm... maybe its time to do something with my life? heh :-P

Here is some more pics and shit about me:

Just another work day. I believe you always have to make the most of shit. Always smile and have a good time. We live way too fucking short to always be pissed off and hate everything.

This is my girlfriend and one hell of a sex toy. Psh... and you thought the other girls were the only one. :-P DONT STARE YOU PERVS!

I guess this isn't a whole lot about me but I hope you have a better understanding of who I am. :-D
And since you are all a bunch of lovable fucks, let me and the rest of the community know you! I would love to get to know all you guys, see some faces. Post some shit in the comments or make your own blog about yourself! C'mon I embarrass the fuck out of myself, don't let me be the only one.

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