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Saxopwned's blog

Saxopwned avatar 3:58 PM on 12.22.2009
Hi there D-Toid!

Ok, my best friend IRL, Arkhon, said that it was a "Rite of Passage" to do an introductory post both on my Blog and in the forums.

So I composed a very detailed list of things that interest me most (see my "About Me" section on my profile for more info!).

Favorite Hobbies: A lot of these... my favorites are probably writing, performing, and practicing music; creating and playing games of all kinds; bring the best possible friend/person I can; cooking; playing paintball; and, last but not least, being the best Sound and Light technician in my school.

Favorite Music: I have none. All I can say is, I listen to literally everything, and am constantly enthralled by it. I just hate screamo, rap, most modern pop, and death metal. I play sax, drums, guitar, and a few other instruments, and mix everything I record myself.

Favorite Games: Once again, I can't really choose any one game(s). I love playing most games, especially those that are multiplayer focused. I love Rock Band and Guitar Hero and play expert on everything (looking for a band!).

Favorite Books: Harry Potter series; The Dresden Files; The Inheritance Cycle; and Artemis Fowl

Favorite Movies: Blues Brothers; Drumline; Star Wars (all); Star Trek (all)

Favorite Shows: Star Trek (excluding Enterprise...-cry-); Dr. Who; House M.D.; Law and Order (all)

That's just a little about me! Thanks for reading! Looking forward to making man great friends here on D-Toid. Arkhon has spoken many great things of this site, so I decided to give it a shot. BTW, here is a picture of me being an idiot at band camp. You can see my sax on the lower left on the table. It's my Wayne's World impression xD

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