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Satsumomo avatar 11:51 AM on 06.17.2008  (server time)
Electronic Arts takes advantage of the average consumer, pushing a warranty on... software?

Wow, this is just unbelievable. I went into the EA store, and when I tried to purchase the Spore Creature Creator for $9.95, I was suddenly given the extra option of the "Extended Download Service" for $5.99 and I'm all, what the hell is this?

So I click on the "What is this?" link and this is what I get:

What is the Extended Download Service?

Think of this as your digital safety net for those unexpected occurrences - like your hard drive frying or a virus infection. EDS means that with the purchase of your digital product, we'll keep a copy of your file for two full years, so you don't have to. You'll gain peace of mind knowing that we have your program stored and ready for you to download again at your convenience.

A little extra protection on your order to keep your products safe? Why not!

What the hell? This is so pathetically lame, how can they charge you to "keep your files!" for something that you PURCHASED? Not only that, they make you believe they "keep a copy of your file for two full years!" as if every instance of the file were unique to each buyer. What load of bull, and what a sad pathetic way to PUSH an "extended warranty" just like in consumer electronics.
How can they come up with something so stupid? And the sad part is that people WILL buy this "service" because they don't know better.

God, how I HATE EA. Worst part of it is that when you click "Purchase" it's always added automatically to your shopping cart.

What next? Protection for your keyboard layout settings for only $4.99 and it lasts 3 FULL YEARS PEACE OF MIND DURHHH.

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