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Sarin avatar 6:53 PM on 04.02.2008  (server time)
Gaming's Guilty Pleasures: Gaming Blogs

I have a dark secret. It fills me with shame and despair. Many of you will not understand, you will look down on me as inferior, as the scum of the earth.

I enjoy reading gaming blogs

My secret hobby started as an innocent curiosity. I had heard about the blogs, whispers in hushed tones in the darkest alleys. I told myself that I only wanted to see what caused so much controversy, that I could not possibly want to be a part of something so heinous. But, like many, I became addicted. I would visit these sites once a week, then a few times a week, now its more like a few times a day. I have no drive to leave my house to work or socialise, they have drained me of my life, but I still cannot let go. I tell myself I can control it, that by not contributing to discussions that I am not as bad as the others, that I am not really a blogger. But the truth is much worse, and I need help.

Sucked down into the seedy underbelly of the internet, I frequent sites of ill-repute such as Kotaku, Joystiq, and, worst of all, Destructoid. Dtoid lived in relative obsucurity for a while, quietly corrupting innocent men and women unaware of its evil intentions. Luckily main stream, honest media, such as print and TV, where able to expose these blogs and their perverted pleasures, allowing others to avoid them, and save themselves.

Not all is lost however, I find that there may be hope as long as I can teach others of the dangers of experimenting with blogs. Though I am far from recovered, I have begun doing talks at local schools on how to avoid the blog culture, which has become increasingly hard, especially in low-income areas.

You too can do your part to stop this epidemic sweeping the world. If you see anyone, especially children, experimenting with blogs, or any of the gateway drugs such as YouTube and MySpace, don't ignore the problem, it is your responsibility to the future, to ensure that this perversion of all that is good and wholesome does not spread any further.

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