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Sarin says:

Delayed Intro Post

// Submitted @ 7:29 AM on 03.26.2008

So, I decided to post a proper intro so that I don't feel like a total outsider when I decide to post (I'm still too scard to post on the forums. I'm in therapy to get me there). This is pretty much just what you'd find out by looking slightly to your right, but I find that hurts the neck a bit, so here it is, for your front-viewing pleasure, my life in point form:

-my real name is Tom
-I generally use the handle Sarin, but its often taken
-I'm a 19 yo uni student
-I'm studying science(specifically chemistry and pharmacology) at Sydney Uni
-I live in Australia so my intertubes take a bit longer to reach you

-Some of my favourite games are:
Grim Fandango
Secret of Monkey Island I&II
Day of the Tentacle
(Add any Tim Schaefer Game Here)
Fallout 1&2
Max Payne 1&2
Vampire: Bloodlines
Planescape: Torment
This is already too long so I'll stop

-Currently playing:
Grim Fandango for 5th time (can beat it in a few hours now)
N (literally playing as I type)
Resident Evil 4

-I get irrationally distressed when game characters have names like Sarin. Saren(Mass Effect), Sareth(Dark Messiah), Saris(Horizons), there are others
-I am willing to pay full price for GTA IV to play it on release day (That's AU$120 = US$110!)
-Games in Australia are a massive rip-off
-Having no friends is laym

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