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Sargonas's blog

1:35 PM on 06.12.2010

E3-10, D-toid style: Day 1

So yesterday was a wild trip down to LA. The trip should take 6 hours give or take, and we were due to roll out of Dtoid HQ at noonish. We arrived in LA around 10:30. You do the math. ;) Rest assured all that extra time was f...   read

11:26 AM on 01.12.2009

Gaming industry Twitter account directory

So over the course of sunday my followers count on twitter damn near doubled. This was very much a WTF moment for me. A bit later I made my afternoon rounds on the ususal sites, D-toid, Joystiq, Kotaku and the likes, and foun...   read

1:29 PM on 01.04.2009

Drumhell 2! 2 Drummers, 1 Rockband, 533 Songs and 50+ hours!

Want to see two of the best Rock Band drummers face off in the hardest songs the game creators can make? Check out to watch H2O^Someguy913 and Phr34k^H2O face off on the 30 most difficult son...   read

2:36 PM on 07.16.2008

So many games, so little time.

Every year as the fall season approaches, and everyone's holdout for the holidays fiscal seasons begin to roll out, I lament about the sheer number of games I want to play. Every year that list gets bigger, and I whine louder...   read

2:00 PM on 07.15.2008

Ghostbuster trailer!!

HOLY ^@#$^&#@! Ok so being born in 1980, I'm OBVIOUSLY looking forward to the Ghostbusters Game. It was my favorite movie as a kid, and I have been eternally hoping for a third movie. Supposedly this game, for all intents an...   read

10:29 AM on 07.15.2008

Too Human really isn't Too Bad...

Ok I like everyone else have heard the chorus of Game Reviewers who shared their experiences with Silicon Knights little game they are making. I've followed a fair share of Dyack's public crusade against some of the press, an...   read

11:47 PM on 07.14.2008

Too many games on the way!

Watching all the announcements today from MS and EA alone reminded me that I have a full plate ahead of me of gaming this fall/winter on the 360, a full plate indeed. This also reminded me that I need to finish Mass Effect be...   read

11:01 PM on 07.09.2008

Schizophrenic Golf

So tonight I downloaded Schizoid and Golf:Tee it up! from XBLA. Now normally I know what XBLA games I want to play long before the come out, or else I go and download something I played elsewhere, and go home and download it....   read

11:03 AM on 07.09.2008

No iPhone 3G for me!

Yes that's right, I am doing a total 180 spin and canceling my plans to pick up a 3G iPhone Friday morning. Why? Well the reviews have been coming in today as the embargo was lifted, and they are not.. glowing. No one conte...   read

8:51 PM on 07.06.2008

MML7 / Lanwar fourty-something-or-other!

So it was time for our annual MML event, Million Man Lan 7. On a side note, we are slowly moving away from the MML naming convention of our summer events, and giving them the same name as our quarterly Lanwar events, which ...   read

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