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11:24 AM on 11.21.2011

BlizzCon Battlecruiser construction time lapse

So at BlizzCon 2011 they were selling a limited edition Mega Blocks Battlecruiser from SC2. 1750 parts... the lego kid in me took that as a challenge. This weekend I finally had enough time to build it in a space that was roomy enough for me to also film it, so I could make a sexy time lapse of it. Here are the epic results!

(I would have embedded the video in this post but it looks like that functionality has been removed from the blog edit page *sad face*)   read

3:26 PM on 06.12.2011

Sarg's E3 2011 Video Goodness!

E3 2011 is over, and I have finally had time to decompress. In doing so, I dug through the hours of video I shot with my fancy new D7000 and put together the following little gem. It's my first ever attempt at a produced video, so bear with the rough edges! ;)

[embed]203616:39331[/embed]   read

5:32 PM on 04.03.2011

My 3DS meets Wondercon.

So this weekend is wondercon, the San Francisco branch of Comic Con. The one thing I was more excited about than anything else (even hot girls in spandex outfits!) was the chance to really put my 3DS's StreetPass through its paces. I suspected there would be a healthy dose of 3DS owners there, and I was right.

I have to say, Nintendo really improved on the whole peer to peer encounter thing that they first tried with the original DS. I really liked it on the old system, but it was fairly impractical. You had to have the game you wanted to enable it on loaded up, at a specific screen, and then put to sleep in that mode. A lot of finagling had to take place to get things ready and you can only enact it with one game at a time. With the 3DS the biggest improvement, to me at least, was that you can enable streetpass for multiple games simultaneously even if the game isn't even in your unit at the time. It's always on all the time, whether your system is sleeping or actively gaming.

I threw my 3DS in my messenger bag on sleep mode with both SSFIV and the normal Mii StreetPass enabled, and headed down to the event. I learned a few things from this little experiment. Firstly, if you are out at an event where you expect a LOT of activity, like Wondercon or PAX or E3, check your system often. Each type of StreetPass (Mii, SSFIV, etc) seems to have a 10-encounter limit per title. Once you max out, it stops accepting any new encounters until you clear our your queue. If you don't load it up and clean it out, you might miss out on a lot of activity. Secondly, you can only use Miis you have encountered for the mini RPG or the Puzzle game if no one new has arrived yet to "push them off" the list. In my case, I acknowledged the 10 new visitors, and then closed the unit and went about my business, completely missing out on the puzzle pieces they had and the fights they could have done for me. Both of these issues I am sure have perfectly logical technical design reasons/limitations behind their implementation, and I am ok with them now that I understand them, just wish I had known it sooner. (Then again I never bothered to thumb through that massive King James Bible sized manual so the fault is my own really.) Finally, in the case of Super Street Fighter IV, those mini figure battles have to be processed in the Log in order to accumulate the points earned. Sadly there is no way to speed through it, and sitting down and watching through all those battles is fairly time consuming and annoying. Fortunately though you can let up to 20 of them sit in your log before it fills up and you need to clear some out.

All in all, this weekend totally made owning a 3DS right out the gate all the more enjoyable. I was thinking all week how awesome StreetPass would be come E3 or PAX, not at all thinking about Wondercon. I'm glad I got to experience this now, as to get a better idea for how I plan to approach those other events this year once I have a fair amount of various games loaded up for StreetPassing, so as not to miss out on anything awesome. Most importantly, I want to point out that at the end of the day, after logging 30 or so SSFIV matches (and watching them all) and about 50 Mii exchanges (and clearing that queue 4 or 5 times) I ended the day with about 50% battery life. Considering how fast this thing drains, and how comparatively crappy its over all battery life is, thats fairly reassuring.   read

5:20 PM on 02.10.2011

Game with the Devs event for Dead Space 2!

Updated on 2-11@11:30am PST

So who likes multiplayer matches where you get to kick the #@%! of the guys who made the game? Nothing says "I LOVE YOUR GAME DUDE!" like spanking around the very folks who spent the last few years of their life on it! This saturday the 12th you can do JUST that in Dead Space 2!

At 11am PST and again at 3PM PST Saturday the 12th you can play against the DS2 Devs on Xbox LIVE! (and playstation network as well!). The best part? Forget those silly "viral achievements" that some games have, instead kill us and you get a special "Viral Suit" delivered to your inventory automagically!!! (The viral suits available are going to be a "Viral Blue", and a "Tiger Striped Viral White")

Checkout the list below of the Gamertags to be on the lookout for (including yours truly!), just send us an direct game invite and we will try to join in for a match or two. Just be warned random folks have flooded our inbox with friend requests to dont be offended if you cant add us as a friend, we still love you anyways!

Darth Nougat
EA Sargonas <-- Hey that's me!
The Iceist

Xbox LIVE Game With Developers Page   read

11:51 AM on 06.28.2010

The Cake to End All Cakes.

This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday at Destructoid HQ. (Actually my birthday was this past wednesday, but who wants to get smashed on a weeknight?!?). It was thrown in grand style, true to the nature of our "family" and I invited over 175 people. (Far less showed up of course, but it was still EPIC!)

Photos from our valiant photographers are still being sorted though, (and I am filtering out the embarrassing ones!) However there is one that needs to be shows RIGHT NOW. For 3 days I was not allowed into our kitchen at home while my room mates Wedgewu (Regina) and SSN626391689 (Clarence) worked on my cake. I've known for a month they had something epic planned, but I had no idea it would be like THIS. SSN is an extremely talented artist, and those skills translate beautifully to Fondant and other cakery bits. Just see for yourself. Also check out the look on my face when I saw it!

The basics of the cake, to the best of my understanding, is that Mario was sculpted out of rice krispie treats, and then coated in butter cream to smooth it out. After that they covered it in fondant. He was pinned together with toothpicks, and then mounted on top of the brick block, which was made of layered Lemon and Strawberry cake, covered in fondant as well. For those who dont know, fondant is sort of like edible play-doh, made mostly out of sugar. Its used to make cakes have that smooth, dry, uniform coating that you cant get with icing.

I want to thank my roomies, the Destructoid crew, and all of my friends and my adoptive family out in SF. You guys have made turning 30 not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I am truly lucky to have so many awesome friends, and it means a *lot* to me that you all took time out to be apart of celebrating this with me!   read

2:11 PM on 06.13.2010

E3-10, D-toid style: Day 2

So.. Day two involved quite a bit of driving. This was basically Armando's fault. His intel was a bit off on his brothers arrival time into L.A.

We were told 3pm, so to kill time a few of us jumped out of the van's side door commando style on the side of Figerurora and Neiro sped off. We took a lot of shots of the exterior of the LACC, and after grabbing some stylish shots of the banners, we figured "what the hell" and snuck into the hall. The trick is, act like you SHOULD be there, and none of the build crews running around thought a second thing of it. We grabbed some bad ass shots of the banners in the lobby which by now are plastered all over D.toid, walked back outside, and hopped back in the van like we owned the place.

The the fun.

We drove all the way to LAX. And as we are circling the airport we get a call from Armando's twin brother Enrique just about 3pm. "Hey guys, I just touched down in texas, on my way to LA!"



So we just piled in the car and headed off to Playa del Rey, right down the road about a mile and kicked it at the beach for 45 minutes or so. It was fun, and it was downright magical for HuskyHog and R3y, as seen in this picture.

So at the conclusions of our beachfront shenanigans we loaded up in the van and drove all the way back downtown to our hotel room. About 3 blocks away Hamza gets a message across twitter from one Mister Jim Sterling.

"Just landed at LAX"....

So we unload the van and I hop back in with Niero (so he can jack the carpool lane) and we head on back down to LAX where we picked up Jim and our friend Olly who was already in the area just chillin, and came back to Home Base.

The rest of the night was just fun filled escapades of El Pollo Loco, SNES, shooting some video footage, and cracking WiFi. (Oh yeah and I watched "X-men Origins: Wolverine" in spanish.) Also epic quotes were had by all, including this little gem from mister sterling regarding xbox live's Major Nelson:

"He looks like Gary Busey's less crazy handsome brother."   read

1:35 PM on 06.12.2010

E3-10, D-toid style: Day 1

So yesterday was a wild trip down to LA. The trip should take 6 hours give or take, and we were due to roll out of Dtoid HQ at noonish. We arrived in LA around 10:30. You do the math. ;) Rest assured all that extra time was filled with wild times and good shenanigans. For a recap of the actual trip check out Husky Hogs c-blog. I think the highlight was when Ben Perlee won a race of Mario Kart, then fist pumped the air in celebration, only to jam his knuckles into the ceiling of the van and scream in pain.

Now the hotel. The hotel is Special. (Capitalization intentional). Julio and I have a room to ourselves that we're sharing until more folks roll in Sunday and Monday. As to the room, well. It's comfy, its clean, and it does the job. But it also has more tags than a blog post. Allow me to elaborate, just look at the pics below, then come back to this spot :)

Yep, thats right. Julio and I's room appears to get a lot of scandalous intimate rendezvous in it. Also, it would appear that our very own Hamza has been here before as well! (I wonder who the lucky lady was, and what she cost?)

And finally, the crem de la creme. A bonafide phone number!

Go ahead, call it. We did :D

I think the best highlight though, was last night. We had the windows open, and so did the couple in the room above us. Apparently she likes to be spanked, hard. We know this because she told us, as well as everyone else who was within ear shot, in between her lusty moans and screams.   read

11:26 AM on 01.12.2009

Gaming industry Twitter account directory

So over the course of sunday my followers count on twitter damn near doubled. This was very much a WTF moment for me. A bit later I made my afternoon rounds on the ususal sites, D-toid, Joystiq, Kotaku and the likes, and found out a few of them were covering a story that Sam Houston, the community manager for GamerDNA, had compiled a directory of all the known twitter accounts of game biz folks. Well that explains that! I guess no more drunken tweets anymore now that people are actually paying attention to what I have to say, haha. For those that want to read his blog post about it you can check it out here   read

1:29 PM on 01.04.2009

Drumhell 2! 2 Drummers, 1 Rockband, 533 Songs and 50+ hours!

Want to see two of the best Rock Band drummers face off in the hardest songs the game creators can make? Check out to watch H2O^Someguy913 and Phr34k^H2O face off on the 30 most difficult songs made for Rock Band 2. But there is one wrinkle to this drum-off, the two have already been playing head to head on Expert for over 50 hours straight. That's right, these two iron men started playing at 10 am EST on Friday morning, and have been going strong ever since. Harmonix has been putting out weekly downloadable songs since Rock Band 1 was released last in November 2007. That amounts to a whopping 533 tracks to date, and these two drummers have set out to play every single one head to head. They are, as of the time of posting this, in the final stretches with only 30 or so songs left to go. Since they are playing in the order of difficulty, that means they are now hitting the hardest of the songs, while they are at their weakest!

They are hitting the home stretch now, and closing in on a Guiness World Record for video game drumming. Stop by and watch as they finish out this incredible event live from Canada! Also, they aren't just doing this for the record, they have been asking for donations to The United Way. Also, all of their sponsors (Plantronics, Harmonix, Patriot, Sharp, and more) have pitched in tons of prizes to be given away every time they 100% a song, or 99% or better an expert song to anyone who's watching!   read

2:36 PM on 07.16.2008

So many games, so little time.

Every year as the fall season approaches, and everyone's holdout for the holidays fiscal seasons begin to roll out, I lament about the sheer number of games I want to play. Every year that list gets bigger, and I whine louder.

I had it easy.

Last year, I was such a baby, "Oh my god" i thought.. "there have got to be like, 7 games, I want to play between September and the end of the year, however will I cope?" If only I had known then what I know now, I would have kept my whiny ass mouth shut.

17... yes seventeen games are coming out the remainder of this year. 17 games, and those are just the ones I know I will be making time for, there are a good 5 or so off the wall ones I will be playing if time permits, which it looks like it will most assuredly NOT be. Allow me to recap.

Gears of War 2 (xbox 360)
Fable 2 (xbox 360)
Fallout 3 (xbox 360)
Spore (PC)
Little Big Planet (PS3)
Rockband 2 (xbox 360)
Too Human (xbox 360)
Left for Dead (PC)
Portal:Still Alive (xbox 360)
Lego Batman (xbox 360)
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (xbox 360)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (xbox 360)
Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway (xbox 360)
Saints Row 2 (xbox 360)
Dead Space (xbox 360)
Ghostbusters the Video Game (xbox 360)

I mean HELL! And they arent even spread out evenly on me. Most of them come in batches of two a week, with several weeks in a row at times. It's a damn good thing I have a 360 hooked up at my desk in my office, or I would never get though all of this. Not to mention a slew of XBLA games I cant wait to play/get, as well as the 3 updates for Burnout Paradise, including the new Island, and the fact I JUST today started playing Grand Theft Auto IV... and there is a bloody addon for it on the way as well.

I swear if I didn't work in the gaming industry all ready, I'd have to quit my job to get though all this.. fortunately I can blend the two quietly at work and no one will notice!

Shit I might have to cancel going to PAX in order to make room for all of... *smack* wtf is wrong with me.. not going to PAX? I have gone insane haven't I?

*sigh*   read

2:00 PM on 07.15.2008

Ghostbuster trailer!!

HOLY ^@#$^&#@!

Ok so being born in 1980, I'm OBVIOUSLY looking forward to the Ghostbusters Game. It was my favorite movie as a kid, and I have been eternally hoping for a third movie. Supposedly this game, for all intents and purposes, is meant to fill that role. Now everyone has seen/heard/read all the news. The entire old gang is back reprising their roles as voice actors, its true to the genre, written by Akroyd and Ramis, etc etc. But enough of rehashing what everyone knows.. THEY HAVE RELEASED A TRAILER!!

Now I get excited about a lot of games, big blockbuster stuff on its way and the like. The thing about this trailer is, its IN the VERY style of the old movie trailer. Because of that, this thing gave me freaking chills to watch. No game preview, no trailer, ever, has done that. I am giddy like some freaking little kid, and wired right now as if i was on a sugar buzz. Even though I know the game wont be THAT big, nothing EVER has made me this excited about a game as long as I can remember.   read

10:29 AM on 07.15.2008

Too Human really isn't Too Bad...

Ok I like everyone else have heard the chorus of Game Reviewers who shared their experiences with Silicon Knights little game they are making. I've followed a fair share of Dyack's public crusade against some of the press, and I even suffered though his lengthy, and mind numbing, well, mind fuck of a preaching on 1up's podcast when he visited them a few weeks back.

I trust most of the reviewers whom I follow regularly, well in the case of Workman I trust his opinion, I cant really say I trust the man. There is too much of a "crazy" look in his eye, but I digress. I did however take his personal recounting to heart, and added it to the rest I had heared up untill a few weeks ago. So yesterday when the Demo dropped on XBL, I downloaded it to give it a spin.

Now I dont know if my feelings were askew because I had spent the previous 7 hours playing Mass Effect, and ergo my mind was firmly locked in the action/rpg mind frame, and eager for a break from the style of Bioware's epic adventure, or if it was genuine enjoyment, but I liked the game greatly. I am no fool, I know that it does indeed have the flaws that were brought to everyones attention. I could see them and experienced them myself. However, even with them clearly in my mind, and looking for them actively, I found myself beginning to tune them out quickly. The camera control drove me nuts and I was forever whipping out my sword in an empty room like a crazed madman, simply because of habit. I mean, really, in what game do you NOT pivot the camera with the right thumb stick?

The thing was, I really enjoyed the game, and this seemed to get glazed over by the fact I was really having fun, I mean I *really* was! The game is far from perfect and I dont expect a revolution of the worlds opinion of it, I do expect it to maintain its stigma, and I think a lot of folks will miss out on something they might like because of that. However I know that I, personally, enjoyed it, and I will be sure to get it when it releases. It was fun enough for me that it crossed that magical threshold in my mind that is rather hard to quantify, where the game itself, in all its glory combined across all aspect, really was worth the time to play. I look forward to it, and I hope others out there give it a chance to prove its worth, without solely relying on what they have heard from the early on stages. I have always paid heed to the gaming community, and yet I have always remained faithful to my own creed of "give it a shot, to prove itself to me" with any game. Because of my experience with the demo last night, I am reminded why I do this. This game is no blockbuster, this game is most assuredly far far down the chain in even being suggested for an award this year for game of the year from someone, but its by far and above well worth my time to play though, and enjoy the experience that Silicon Knights has prepared for me, on an entertainment level.   read

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