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Sara Firno avatar 1:20 AM on 11.12.2011  (server time)
Why should Gamecube owners go to hell? Here's why not.

This is a responce to Jim Sterlings post: Should all GameCube owners go to Hell? If this post wasn't meant to be taken seriously at all and you were just trolling (and if you were, shame on you, there's a policy against that in the comments, why shouldn't editors be held to the same standard?), feel free to tell me I was wasting my time, but me weekend's pretty free, so I don't mind that much. I'm bored and waiting for the skyward sword review (where is it btw?).

"It has never been disproved that the GameCube is a Hellraiser Puzzle Box." if you take apart a gamecube you will likely find no souls or body parts, though perhaps a dead insect that crawled into its vents, disproving your first point.

"It comes from Japan, where they practice the blasphemous Shinto (It's something about pandas having sex with ghosts I think)." Shinto is a lot more like Confucianism, more a moral code than an actual religion, and you should really do your research before making such a bold claim ( it doesn't have any thing to do with an afterlife, and not all people are even shinto in Japan. some are christian, Buddhist and plenty of other religions. anyway, by that logic you could say that sort of thing about anything that comes from japan, including the sony consoles.

"StarFox Adventures caused thousands of people to have a wank over a picture of a blue fox." Starfox Adventures did have furries (so do all starfox games, that's not the point), but they're not just in Starfox, sonic is full of them, and that doesn't make them bad games (there are other reasons why not all of the games are good, and you've explained that before). As long as people are just wanking over sexily portrayed animals, and not actually trying to f**k animals, than its not like they're doing any harm. And its not like you never wanked over a fictional character (yes I remember the Bayonetta review). Furries exist, and they don't actually hurt anyone, so get over it.

"Cel-shaded Zelda." Cel-shading does not make a game bad (ever heard of okami?). Zelda's changed plenty of times over the years, and the gameplay was excellent as were the story and characters. Graphics should not make or break a game, it should be its content that matters.

"Luigi's Mansion was about spirits and the occult, which is an abomination." Luigi's mansion was a parody of spirits and the occult, making fun of games like silent hill and resident evil. Just because the game wasn't all that great does not make it evil. there are plenty of more blasphemous games out there, so you shouldn't freak out about it.

"Not enough of them bought Donkey Konga, killing the greatest peripheral Nintendo's ever made." I'm sorry I didn't buy donkey konga, but I was too busy playing an instrument for school and playing the 4 zelda games that came out for the system (which were really good). Also the system wasn't mine until the days of the wii (I got it as a hand-me-down), so I wouldn't have had a point for buying it, as it wasn't my system.

"They're probably bad people." I give to charity and volunteer for my community. I have never killed any one or directly killed any mammal, lizard or bird (though I have killed insects that invaded my space, and accidentally killed fish I owned as a child) though I'm not a vegetarian. I have never stolen anything of any actual value ("oooh, I stole a french fry off your plate, I'm so going to hell... *sarcasm*"). I'm not abusive to my friends, boyfriend or family, and I haven't punched anyone since middle school (6th grade wasn't a good year). I may not be the majority, but I think I'm a good person, and if you ask people I know, they'd probably say the same. Not all people of any group are all ( gamecube owners included) bad, and you shouldn't generalize people just based on something they like/ dislike, it isn't fair, these are real people with real feelings, and deserve to be treated as such. If you don't like the gamecube that's fine, voice your opinion as I have, but don't say that people deserve to burn for all eternity for liking it. That's just rude, and I can think of many other worse reasons that a person should go to hell.[url][/url]

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