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Sapato avatar 8:33 PM on 12.05.2009  (server time)
Jim Sterling misinforms dtoiders w/ Assassin's Creed 2 Review

Usually I ignore bad reviews. Hell, why should I care if someone else doesn't like a game I do? Then I saw Jim Sterling's Assassin's Creed 2 review, where he states flat out lies about the game and he gave it a 4.5 when about 50 other reviews scored it no lower then a 7 or so. It caused a shit storm, and intentional or not, dtoid readers should know the actual truth about AC2, and disregard Jim's review completely. I wonder if he even noticed if the game takes place over 30 years, a comment below explains.

Comparison between Jim's AC 2 Review and actual truth.

"...needless cutscenes that show levels being rendered by the Animus for no good reason whatsoever. "

-You failed to notice this only happens as time passes in-game such as a year or two going by. How this went over your head is beyond me but this shows you what kind of reviewer we are dealing with here.

"if you know you've stuffed up a timed mission, there is no option to simply restart the mission. You have to let the timer run out or abort it and sit through the pre-mission unskippable cutscene again."

- True there is no restart mission but all you had to do was select ABORT MEMORY, and then BAM! Your character is right at the mission giver again ready to restart. There should be an option though.

"Players cannot simply travel speedily from one city to the next, instead having to first find a "fast travel" station."

- How many games do you know of where you can simply pause and teleport to the next area? In AC2 yes, you must find a travel station but again you fail to inform the reader it's not like AC1, you can teleport to different parts of a town now.

"So many of the new missions are pure filler, with a number of them literally consisting of walking around town with nothing else to do. You just follow a character slowly around a portion of the city and that's it, mission done."

-There are a few of these but the characters are usually/always having story related conversation. They are few and far between as well.

"The whole idea of improving the town and earning a steady income is great, but as usual, it's let down by pointless ponderousness. In order to receive your earnings, you have to travel all the way back to Monteriggioni itself, finding a fast travel station, sitting through a loading screen, and then walking from one end of the Villa to another to find that treasure chest I mentioned earlier. To make this even more annoying, there is a limit to what the treasure chest can hold, effectively forcing players to drop what they're doing and march back to the Villa if they want to keep making money. There is absolutely no reason for this decision, other than to falsely extend the game's running time."

- Most of the time you have to go to your town anyways, so its not like a big chore to go and collect your money. From travel station to chest it takes less then a minute. 1 minute 30 seconds with loading, and thats being generous.

"Speaking of absolute crap, I don't know what Ubisoft has done to the game's engine, but Jesus Christ is it bad. This game has some of the most puzzlingly bad graphics I have seen on a console this year. "

-It speaks for itself.

I also noticed you didn't find one damn glyph in the whole game. Were you just rushing through it or what? It's pretty hard to miss the first one, and each glyph offers a puzzle. Such as rotating parts of a painting into place, pointing out an object in various real world pics. (houdini, ww 2, ghandi, and so on)

I'm sure I'll get his fanboys leaving stupid comments, hopefully you actually read through this post. A review is just an opinion, but a reviewer should have some credibility, and play the game thoroughly.

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