.My name's Gabriel Poiré
.I own a large cat
.my profession is plumbing
.I'm generally uninteresting and bored
.I'm concise
.I like to run around in traditional Japanese underwear

I hate Ubi for ruining my favourite franchise A.K.A. Rainbow Six (raven shield was the bomb until the patches came)

now playing: -mostly a PC gamer
TF2 mostly
my penis

I might update this sometime when I'll open my eyes and realize that this looks like shit
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3:34 PM on 02.14.2008

It is hard to grasp why women don't fight eachother to death over a little piece of me really.
I am a truly amazing person. maybe it's because I'm mirroring the greatness of the Gods, and women feel bad about feeling so flawed next to me.

reasons why you should be sleeping with me instead of the other guy.

. I can look very interested. I'm no Christian Bale, but I can make you feel good about yourself by not listening to a word you're telling me, but still make you think that there's something I'm attracted in you, apart from your reproductive system.

. I have scars. My unparalleled good looks and heavenly presence may lead you into confusion, but I can share some traits with mortals, I have been hurt in the past, they made me learn from my errors, giving me more Rawr.

Since I don't share wolverines instant-regeneration and hair, scars have made their way on the maker's work of art that is myself.
Scars are good for:

.sharing childhood discussions
.giving a sentiment of security( I is not afaraid to get hurt for yous look at mah muscles)
.Brutal sex (one more won't make much difference)

. I am pretty stupid, take that to your advantage and use me, bring me down into submission, use me as your sexual toy, I won't understand.

Also, I'm so great, that if you stare at me for too long, you will turn blind. Your eyes will not be able to open themselves for lack of any better things to see. However, you win because in exchange of your blindness, and eternal picture of my Holyness stays burned into your mind.

So, wanna be my Valentine yet? I can carry your books too.

Will make hidden when necessary, my presence attracts the Unholy.

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