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Sanious avatar 10:44 AM on 09.21.2009  (server time)
Unfinished Business.

I kind of go through this phase with games sometimes. I will play the living hell out of it, and then just stop playing. There is absolutely no reason for this, I enjoyed the game(s), put multiple hours into it and for one reason or other I just drop it.

This isn't a discussion about the game I'm going to be bringing up, just the situation itself. I started to play FFXII months ago, I wanted to really get into an rpg or something that I can just put a lot of time and work into and I ended up doing that. I did a TON of the side quests, the hunts, farming items, looking for weapons, etc, etc. I got up until the very last point of the game, right where the castle/ship thing is above the main city, I don't even remember what it was called because it has been so long. At that point I was like 'Ok, I do this later' ... that never happened. I never went back to the game, haven't played it since and just haven't had the desire to turn it back on.

Now, there was nothing wrong with the game (in my opinion of course) that happened to make me do this, I was enjoying the game, having fun with the side quests/hunting and just grinding things out. But for some reason I just stopped and I have no desire (at this point) to go back to it any time soon. I have definitely done this with other games, but it never had to do with the specific games not being good or frustrating, it just ended up happening. And I have absolutely no idea why.

I definitely do want to finish the game, but I just don't feel like it for some odd reason. But I guess the good thing is that I did enjoy the game? Who knows?

Any have similar experiences?

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