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Sanious avatar 10:08 PM on 09.28.2009  (server time)
Jumping the Gun.

Disclaimer: So far most of this is based off some comments I read on Dtoid post about SSFVI itself, but some of my points regard games in general and things I've read before across other gaming sites.

This was literally inspired a few minutes ago by reading about how SSFIV will not be downloadable content and instead a whole new disc. I have a few problems with this.

-People are already saying that it easily could be DLC when they actually have no idea of what is going to be on the Disc outside of what was just announced. The little bit of info on Eight characters and tweaks, but people are already flipping shit about it. This is the first time any little bit of news about the game has been released and this obviously won't be all of it, but people are already deciding whether it's right or wrong.

-This is my bigger gripe, the Street Fighter series has always released multiple versions of their games as separate games. Where have 'you' people been where this is all a sudden a problem with this one? I completely understand we're on consoles that could easily just patch things, but this is what would fall on my first point that no one can justify not paying for it when they hardly know what is actually going to be on the disc.

-And the fact that they stated it wouldn't be full retail price. Which is a bigger bonus and majority of other companies would probably charge you full price for a half assed unpolished game/add on.

I just don't get this kind of mentality where this kind of thing is being judged before anything is fully known about this product and other products before it. No one can really justify whether it's supposed to be DLC or not because we have no idea how the end product is going to be. It's kind of ridiculous people have these knee jerk responses without thinking about what they're saying before they say it. But it's sadly not surprising that people do have these responses.

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