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Samwise avatar 1:56 PM on 03.24.2011  (server time)
Playing 10 year catch up ....

So I turned 22 last week, just got money for my birthday, so decided to do something i have been talking about for a while; buying my very first PS2.

I managed to pick up a old Fat PS2 and an Old CRT TV for £34 for the 2, just because the monitir i use for my PC and 360 only has HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs so no chance on the SCART of a PS2.

I've picked a few what i consider key titles, about 10 for no more than £5 a piece which is awesome after a few years of 360 only.

I started off with a PS1 back in the day, then moved onto PC gaming for many years, just RTS, FPS and some RPGs (Morrowind mostly), then eventually got a 360 about 3 years ago, so now Iím playing catch up on a whole generation of games Iíve missed due to my gaming habits of loving competitive multiplayer back in my POC days (Counter Strike and Quake are still my 2 favourite games, they made me want to play more games.)

So far i have MGS2, Kingdom Hearts, Killzone, Devil May Cry, God of War, Beyond Good and Evil, Tekken tag and 4 to bring back some old memories and for playing with my Uni housemates, Zone of the Enders, GTA Vice City which i played on PC loads but why not when it's £3? And The Red Star which i bought due to the old podtoid crew loving it and so far is probably my favourite game i've bought since super meat boy a while ago, never not cared about dying so much and just mastering every level is just what i wanted.

Playing some of these games has made me realise how stale a lot of genres have gotten over the years, but also how much i HATE fixed cameras in game, it's also great to kind of feel like i have time travelled back to my PS1 days of sitting in bed for hours just to get a bit further in a game then realising 5 hours have past, i cannot wait to spend the next year or 2 catching up playing some of these gaming gems and Iím sad i missed out on them at the time.

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