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Samuel Dillinger avatar 1:29 AM on 03.23.2010  (server time)
Review: Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Album: Diamond Eyes
Artist: Deftones
Label: Warner Bros
Released: May 18, 2010
Genre: Win
Sounds like: A living, breathing, screaming Pablo Picasso painting of two lovers acting out the karma suitra in one big act of passion and then stabbing each other while flying through a red sky filled with shooting stars

Change is something that many of us fear. We grow comfortable with things and when they are altered then we have to alter ourselves in one way or another to suit. Deftones have done something I never thought possible with their up and coming album, Diamond Eyes - in that they have progressed a great deal while keeping to the format which their fan base was firmly built upon.

From its opening track of the same name, Diamond Eyes is evident of change for the better. While borrowing lightly from temp altering bands such as Meshuggah through using eight string electrics, it still manages to stay well in a league of its own through ambient effects, catchy choruses but mainly through Chino Moreno's vocals which can snap between euphoric and chaotic almost instantaneously without losing the overall presence of a particular track. Because of this the album has beautiful flow and can easily be played in its entirety without wearing thin in its listening.

The digital melodics from White Pony's lighter side have returned and matured to a level unsurpassed in tracks Beauty School, 976-Evil and Sextape which quite simply make me want to go back and fall in love for the first time with Diamond Eyes playing in the background. Usually aggressive and single minded, few metal bands I have encountered can bring out this type of emotion with lasting effect. Keeping true to their metal roots, the band flip the table in tracks Royal, Prince and especially the mosh worthy Rocket Skates which cuts into melodics with scalpel like precision to insert chunky riffs and ear numbing screams leaving intelligent aggression open to the interpretation of any listener - it is set to become a future anthem for metal clubs globally.

Music video for the first single of Diamond Eyes: Rocket Skates

What puts this album on the pedestal is its sexually fueled overtone, which no Deftones album would be complete without. Individuals with the interest of putting together a set list to fuck to would be wise to take note of the flirtatiously repetitive construction written into some of the bands greatest collective works; You've seen the Butcher and Risk, which work as the foundation for what rest of the album builds itself around and the final result is a definite landmark for both the band and the genre they represent.

Highly Recommended.

Track Listing

1. "Diamond Eyes"
2. "Royal"
[i]4. "You've Seen the Butcher"
5. "Beauty School"
6. "Prince"
[i]7. "Rocket Skates"
8. "Sextape"
9. "Risk"
10. "976 - EVIL"
11. "This Place Is Death"

Learn more about Deftones, here

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