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Samuel Dillinger avatar 9:18 PM on 03.18.2010  (server time)
Hamza...Get out of my dreams please!

Look, this is going to sound quite perplexing but you have to understand that one does not will to dream things. Dreams are retarded...I'm sorry but they are. They mostly have no direct meaning so you have to analyze the piss out of them and try find a meaning. Well, help me Destructoid, if you will. This was my dream...and I need it analyzed.

I got a phone call, Hamza was on the other end. Now don't ask me why, but it was one of those dreams that shows things from other people's perspectives too. So I was able to know it as Hamza because it showed him talking to me on the phone, he was wearing a yellow t-shirt too. If it didn't, I would have had no fucken idea it was the big H because I've never spoken to the guy in my life (Which begs the question: Was his voice in my dream accurate?).

Anyway, the phone call went on and the conversation went a little bit like this:

Me: Hello

Hamza: Hey man, it's Hamza from Dtoid

Me (amazed): Dude! How are ya?!

Hamza: Not bad, but lately I've had this feeling you want to kill something (This is no shit what he said)

Me (shocked): What makes you think that?

Hamza: I dunno man, you just seem like a crazy cunt! (He had this crazy arse smile on his face)

Me: Yeah well, can't say I haven't thought the same about you. I've heard things!

Hamza: Most of it is true my friend, most of it is true (laughing)

Me: So what the hell are you calling me for anyway?

Hamza: There's a spot in Destructoid open, you want in?

Me (Stunned): Really?

Hamza: Nar man, I'm just fucken with ya! I gotta go, but take care!

Me (Semi-laughing): You're a funny man...I'm going to kill you when I come over to the States.

Hamza: Bring it you crazy Australian rapist! BRING IT! (Laughs Hysterically)

End Call

Then the dream jumped to my old grandparents house and there was a new freeway being build right out the front and my grandfather and I were laughing coz he just sold the house to some dickhead.

Then somehow my dream jumps from that to me sitting in a hot tub naked, with two hot chicks and Hamza (I was kinda glad my grandfather had vacated the dream at this point)... Yes, I know that is fucken weird which is why I am asking you all to help me figure it the fuck out.


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