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Samuel Dillinger
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My Set Up...like...My WHOLE set up

Long time no see Dtoid. I have a job again and I fucking hate it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. On one of my very few days off I had a situation with some eggs which forced me to get the video camera out and then it...


*SHUNK* My Knife - Your Face

Modern Warfare 2 has minimized the perks from its predecessor and upped the collective of weapons you can dispose of your fellow enemy with. To be fair, there is an amazing selection that makes for extremely balanced warfar...


dTunes 4

So...I am unfortunately coming to the end of my contribution to dTunes. Which is a shame because I love putting these articles together. But as RonBurgandy2010 has stated, it is always great to pass the baton onto somebody ...


dTunes 3

Alright, so I haven't dished up many balls out, kick you in the face kinds of music as of yet. But I guess that is about to change. Some would think that the following band are a little...full on. I don't disagree and it i...


dTunes 2

While not what you were probably expecting, you have most likely listened to Zimmer's music AND enjoyed it without even realizing. The reason for this is because he composes most big Hollywood cinematic scores. Creating a...


dTunes 1

Being from Australia it is only natural that my first of the five musical acts I will be writing up for dTunes, is Australian. I'm not saying that the rest of the world doesn't have artists worth listening to. I'm just sayi...


I, the Author: I feel the need...

It was my first trip to the States and I didn't know what to expect. Things weren't going so well for me back home and I felt the best thing for me was to just vacate for a while, so vacate I did. I had gotten into trouble a...


Sam Raimi to direct WoW film!

You heard it here first people...well, maybe. News is that the original king of horror and Spiderman film's has confirmed that he will direct the up coming World of Wafcraft movie. The following was taken from Slashfilm.com: ...


About Samuel Dillingerone of us since 1:58 AM on 06.24.2008

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...A lot of stuff

I like to fap...a lot.

I have been on Destructoid for a little and have grown to really love it's community. I love to write articles on gaming and I find it easy to do with Destructoid. I am currently studying a Bachelor Degree of Communication (Journalism), so that one day I can hope to do this professionally.

While studying I jump from job to job like crazy because I don't want to do anything but write, and while that may sound reckless, I assure you that I really couldn't live any other way if I tried.

I just want to say thanks to everybody involved with Destructoid including every reader, community blogger and contributor. It really is an amazing place in the digital, shit infested swamp lands of the internet.

I am a proud member of the Refused Classification panel also consisting of Destructoid members Puppy Licks and DanMazkin, which brings to the plate a fortnightly Destructoid only podcast and soon to be video content which will also be featuring guest appearances from gaming celebs such as the Masterchief.

I also write on Stereotoid; a weekly shift in the Earth's crust where the greatest music from all time seeps forth and pushes its way into our ears then forces us to write about it through mental fuckism. If you understood that, then well done.

P.S - One day I will write for Destructoid...That's right Niero! I'M COMING FOR YOU MOTHER FUCKER!

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