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Indie games are growing fast and I know that there is large potential for people, who otherwise wouldn't have that opportunity, to break through and make something great. But, there are good and bad sides to everything and I believe, heavily story driven indie games are the bad of the bunch. There seems to be this misconception that indie games with a focus on story are exceptions to the same judgement we give other games and that they all deserve a free pass when that lack in any form but their strongest. And well, that's just dumb. Figuring out the answer to this problem is what lead me to an obvious answer of what the "perfect game" is.

I think To The Moon had a great story, but I really shouldn't let that be a pass for the terrible everything else in that game (Well, excluding the music, of course). It's bare-bones point and click with a bunch of meaningless "puzzles" thrown in your way to pass itself off as a game. In spite of that, I was kind of excited for the sequel, but then I saw the preview for it and realized it was the same exact thing. If it was called Call of Duty: What "The Fuck" Ever, people would have been more vocal on calling what's obvious bullshit. Well, I guess that isn't fair. The guy also said that he was going to put less effort into making a game and more into creating something meaningful and he also said he was going to put less dialogue into it. Because, like we all know, if you're going to make something and market it as a game, why the heck would you need to make it actually resemble a playable game? This is the same problem I have with stuff like Heavy Rain. There is this notion that so long as you're doing something, it qualifies as gameplay. That isn't true. If you want to make a movie, do that, but don't waste people's time by calling your masturbation project a game.

Alright, let's get back to the title of the blog now that I've explained where I'm coming from. I believe if you want to perfect gaming as an art form (Doesn't matter, but whatever.), try to excel in all areas instead of just one. Instead of only strengthening one position, whether it be gameplay, story or characters, you should try to make your title as attractive to everyone you can. Designers of any kind should strive to make something that feels complete. Trying to manipulate people's feelings or falling back onto a single aspect only weakens something that could be fantastic and truly memorable. Even if you're not great at developing yourself, but want to get your "vision" out, get a kickstarter and hire developers who can work with you on something. Make "art" that feels like a complete experience as a game. That would be, "True Gaming Perfection", I believe. And I think the indie scene is the only place that can actually achieve this, all things considered.

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