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Samit Sarkar avatar 2:04 PM on 06.09.2012  (server time)
I'll see you around, Destructoid.

From PAX Prime 2010, one of my all-time favorite Destructoid group photos

Yesterday was officially my last day at Destructoid.

I've been happy and proud to call this place my Internet home for the past four-plus years. I still remember writing my first post -- impressions of the demo for MLB 08: The Show -- in my dorm room. It heralded the arrival of serious sports gaming coverage on Destructoid, and although some of the words make me wince now, I remain proud of it because it was something unique on this site, and because it reflected a major part of who I am and the kinds of pieces I like to write. In a different way, my most recent and final Destructoid article -- a summary of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 tech demo -- was also very much a "Samit post," as Jordan likes to call them.

In the 1,569 days -- that's 4 years, 3 months, and 18 days -- from February 22, 2008, through June 8, 2012, I brought Destructoid readers coverage of sports games, simulation and arcade; editorial and on-camera content; on-the-ground coverage from E3, PAX Prime, and PAX East; a talking-head appearance on national television; incredible stories on over 60 weekly appearances on Podtoid; and previews of all kinds of games from press events in New York. I've loved it all.

But most of all, I've loved the people, whether they're staff, behind-the-scenes, or readers. Destructoid has always felt unique and special because of its community, and I don't know any other website like this -- where writers form real-life friendships with readers, whether local or across the country. I know a lot of Destructoid readers by name; that comes from spending time with them at events like NARPs and PAX, through groups like Dtoid New York.

The PAX Prime 2011 group photo, courtesy of Chanh Tang

I will miss Destructoid's people the most, and I will miss working with them. I can't yet say where I'm going from here, but if you keep up with me on Twitter, you'll find out very soon. You can at least rest assured that I'm staying in the gaming industry.

I don't want to list specific people here, because I'm sure I'll forget someone, so I'll just say this: I want to thank...

(A) all of my Destructoid co-workers, both past and present, for making this awesome job even better, and for helping me to become the best writer I can be; and
(B) anyone who has ever read, commented on, linked, and/or responded to something I've done here -- whether it was an article, a podcast, a photo, or something else -- for making me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.

Keep being awesome, Destructoid. I'll try to do the same now that I'm gone.

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