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Samit Sarkar avatar 8:35 PM on 02.22.2008
And the GT 5: Prologue coupon winrar is...


Congratulations on winning the contest! I was born in 1986, so the number in my head this time was 86. The closest was manta, who guessed 52; the runner-up, to whom mix will donate his coupon code, was...


He guessed 34. So manta, please send me a PM or email (samit <dot> sarkar <at> gmail <dot> com), and Iíll pass along the coupon code. As for you, BahamutZero...youíre on your own, buddy; go bother mix about it by PMing him ó his forum username is ďMixmastaspigĒ.

Seriously, though: I really appreciate you donating your coupon code to the second-place guesser, mix. Let me know if you want to do something similar in the future.

To everyone else: thanks for playing, and better luck next time. But who knows? Maybe next time, Iíll get a coupon for a game I actually want to buy.

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