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Hey Peoploids,

My Name is and has been SamNN since the first game i have ever played on my C64. Wintergames.
I canīt really remember why i chose this name, since i was 6 years old in 1984. Since then i have spent thousands of hours in front of all kinds of games and systems and i am still in love with the medium videogame!!
Currently i live in Berlin with 4 year old daughter.
I am a soundengineer and have been touring the world with different bands in the past 5 years.
Right now i am on hiatus because of terminal kidney failure. that means I have to hook myself up to a dialysis machine 3 times a week and that hinders my mobility severly!
Well, thatīs about it for me...


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8:47 AM on 04.06.2014

Yesterday, i got back into gaming again after a few months hiatus. As written in my last blog, i sold my xb360 with all the games a few months ago. Besides the occasional romp of a select few games on my PSP (mostly WipeOut Pulse and Obscure Aftermath) and some Half Life 2 on my Mac, i havenīt played much. I was to busy falling in love again and staying fit for a kidneytransplant thatīs happening next week(no kidd(ney)ing!!)
But yesterday i picked up my PS3 that was still at my ex-girlfriends place, collecting dust.
I havenīt been playing on that system very much and also sold the few games i had for it.(uncharted 1-3, Heavy Rain and Just Cause 2).
So yesterday i went out and bought MGS4 and Ninja Gaiden sigma 2.

Iīm so fucking happy with both games, i stayed up all night and played, and played.
Itīs good to jump back into the flood again.
How iīve missed the feeling of opening a new game, getting to know the controls and the rush of mowing down enemy after enemy in a fast paced action game (ninja gaiden on xbox was one of my favourite from that generation).
And MGS4 is such treat, with a presentation of the story that yet needs to be matched by any movie out there.
I gotta go now and play some more...
Photo Photo

I finally did it. I thought about it for a while and now itīs done. I sold my xbox 360 and all the games i had for it. Those were quite a few i can tell you. 
There was lots of digital stuff on there, too, like walking dead, mass effect etc...

Now all the consoles i have left are my gamecube, a ps1, a psp, a ps3 at my ex girlfriends, a ds, a 3ds and my GBA Sp. 
Well, and a MacBookPro with Steam and an few Games from GOG.

I found a box hidden away in the closet with Killer 7 and WindWaker for GC, so those are the games that i replay now. 
I play WindWaker with my little daughter and we both love it. 
Killer 7 is played frequently, too. Damn, that game is weird, but beautiful in itīs strangeness!

I donīt miss the 360 at all. I have pretty much played every game worth playing on that platform and i donīt want to go back. 
My favorites from the last Generation(in no particular order): Pretty much everything from Rockstar (including Tabletennis!), Skate 2, Mass Effect, Deadly Premonition, 
Alan Wake and the Walking Dead.
There were many, many more Games i played but i canīt possibly list them all.

I think about buying an old original Xbox to replay Jade Empire (why isnīt there a sequel??),

There is nothing at the moment that could convince me to buy a next gen box or ps4 even though there are already a few games that are good. i guess iīm over this industry! Fuck online, fuck digital distribution and dlc and all that.
I īm so tried of all the shenanigans the industry comes up with to suck money out of my pocket. Sure there are great people in this industry that that are pushing things in the right direction, but the overall drift is not to my liking.
Iīm totally happy with my "oldschool" games.
i wonīt be back into AAA Gaming anytime soon.
I might get a vita down the line (probably with olliolli and a few other niche games..)
In retrospect the last generation was full of really really great games but sooo full of industry BULLSHIT that it really turned me off from the new consoles.

Now i go back to my Gamecube with the Logitech tft Screen attached to it and play Wind Waker with my daughter

3:10 PM on 01.19.2014

it must have been around 1999 or 2000. I canīt remember exactly, but around that time
on a whim i went and bought a GBA and THPS2. 


That blew me away. The isometric view of the familiar levels from the ps1/ N64 THPS games. stuff to unlock including spiderman and wolverine.
This game was the one that totally got me hooked again onto mobile gaming.

Eventually i got a GBA SP which is to this date my most played console!
Games like Zelda Link to the Past or Minish Cap, SimCity 2000 on the go and of course THPS2 have been great companions during travel and commute.

I have all the other Nintendo Handhelds and think they are mandatory gaming expieriences, but the GBA SP is the straightest of them all. 

So cool to find the cartridge of sim city 2000 and open a city that i have made 12 years ago on a holiday in italy!

good night!

3:57 PM on 01.16.2014

Last night i sat again way too long in front of my computer and read about games. Itīs  my biggest hobby. If i would play as much as iīve read about games iīd have no social or family or work live what so ever. I mean, stuff like www.actionbutton.net is just too good to pass up on or some stuff on destructoid. 
Anyways, thatīs not what this is about though, or maybe kind of.
Well, today i have some spare time to play a game. 
But what of all the cool games i have should i play?
SHould i continue to sneak through skyrim with my sneaky silent assassin dunmer, or should i finish the very last mission in mass effect 3( which will give me the end of my shephard, which i still donīt know and havenīt been spoiled yet by the internet..),
or should i jump into GTAV`s submarine and clean the bays from nuclear waste?
Maybe i should play some Dark Souls to get even more hard core, or shrinkmysef into one of the greatest gba games ever, zelda minish cap. 
i could also picture myself playing portal again, or finally finish Limbo (iīm stuck at this one thing...), trine (i īm  too lazy to play this one actually) or even two worlds 2/most underrated game ever! I play it on my mac book pro).
I could also play Half Live 2 again. One of the best games ever...(the travel from and to city 17 never gets old!)
or i jump right into the middle of deadly premonition (guess iīm more then half way through, and i loved every second of what iīve been playing?)
Or i play amped 2! Yes that one..original x box...itīs by faaaaar the best snowboarding game ever. I know itīs " mountains" inside out!!!
how about a little session of bayonetta, oh no...now i know. i go hunting in the snowy mountains of red dead redemption. 

Fuck. I just canīt make myself play anything tonite even though my choices are more than good! Great even in some cases!

Well, but actually, tonite they all seems so fucking empty to me. I  mean, i love videogames and all, but for some reason on some days they give me nothing...nada..nihil...

Anyways...now i wrote about them instead!

Good Night


12:20 AM on 01.01.2014

Good Morning folks and a happy new year!!

Yesterday, when the whole city of berlin celebrated the passing of 2013 and the new year 2014 i decided to stay inside, not get blown to pieces by fireworks, and replay the first mass effect.


I remember when i first heard about the game, i was already totally hyped.
After playing both Kotors on the original xbox i couldnīt wait to get to this!
A whole new universe to discover with completely new aliens, planets, abilities,  real choices that would matter in the long run, and all in "next-gen" grafics.

It was also the first game i downloaded from  games on demand. it took about three days with my shitty internet connection, but once it was there i loved every second (exept the macko) of it.

Imho the first Mass Effect game does something the sequels couldnīt deliver anymore (even though i also like them a lot) and that is: "the epic unkown".
Everything the game throws at you makes it seem so epic. 
During the first mission when you see the reaper ship take of...goosebumps...

I also love the soundtrack sooo much! 
Pure synth awesomeness...from the sounds in the menues to the mean but beautiful bassline thatīs playing when you die...


I canīt wait to get back from dialysis today to jump back in and persue saren, kill me some husks and try to understand the reapers...

ps.: this is also my first blog ever on destructoid, though i linger since quite a while...