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3:04 AM on 03.17.2009

notice: achievements/trophies are ruining games

edit: for me

this may just be more of a PS3 moron (such as myself) gripe, but i have two examples of why these things are killing gaming for me. who wants to hear a story?

tonight, i was playing puzzle quest on my 360 for, no joke, four hours (don't act like you haven't). now, I've beaten this before on my psp, but this was out on the PSN for 14.99 with the expansion for $14.99 before i owned my 360. for those that don't know, the game costs 800 Microsoft points ($10) and the exp pack costs 700 ($8.75, seriously, why?). "wow, i fucking love this game" i thought. "why didn't i buy this cheaper on the PSN where more people will be playing online and whatnot?". then, it hit me. the game didn't have trophies. still doesn't. for those that don't know, the PS3, up until six months ago or so, had NO trophies. no form of achievements whatsoever, ASIDE FROM THE JOY OF PLAYING GAMES!!! then, i realized this wasn't the first time i made a stupid fucking choice when it came to video games because of these blasted things.

i bought far cry 2 instead of fallout 3 because of the trophy patch. far cry came with them, fallout would be patched in later. now that wouldn't be a problem if games on the PS3 would give you trophies based on your save files instead of actual events in game. but it doesn't. that meant if i played fallout 3, and beat it, before the patch came, i would have no trophies. i would have to beat the game all over again (which actually, doesn't sound so bad. i fucking love that game ON MY 360!). so i went with far cry 2. there was only one problem with that.

for those that haven't played it, far cry 2 is a sack of dirty dicks. its terrible. it has a buddy system, but that's one of the worst things I've ever experienced. i made my first buddy by talking to him in a bar, and the convo (conversation) literally (imaginatively) went like this...

Me: "Hey man, what's up?"
Fucking Moron: "Nothing man, I have some problems but you don't care. want me to heal you when you die randomly because I'll follow you everywhere?"
Me: "Yea dude! Buddy's ROCK!"

horrible. it's like something guy Ritchie would have written when he was twelve (note: i love guy Ritchie). but for the love of god, what a horrible script followed by horrible voice acting. now, i own fallout 3 on the 360 (dlc, cool) and that seriously may be one of my favorite games, ever. so why did i get far cry instead of fallout, exclusive dlc aside? i could have NOT bought a game and saved my money for something else. the answer is simple, trophies.


am i a tool? yes. am i alone though? no. honestly, tell me that the easy 1000 GS of avatar doesn't appeal to you (please don't, just because I'm not alone doesn't mean that everyone agrees with me). even if it doesn't, tell me that you may have changed the way you play a game a little in order to get the achievement/trophy. tell me you never grinded. i know i have.

yea, I've set up custom L4D games in order to get my Man Vs. Tank achievement. yea, I've spend an hour trying to find the prince in Noby Noby Boy just to get the 100% on it. and why? because of the satisfaction. i love seeing that 100% or 1000/1000 on a game, as I'm sure many of you do. but why do i enjoy that more then just PLAYING THE GAME ITSELF? what happened to playing games for fun instead of playing games and doing weird shit for bragging rights? fuck it, I'm gonna play my Wii. and not have anything to prove for it.   read

8:08 PM on 03.14.2009

i caved: my xbox 360 review

so, as every one who knows me personally knows (which, sadly, is no one on this website), i'm a little bit of a sony fanboy. which is weird, because i've never owned a PS2, but an xbox instead. anyways, i've always considered the PS1 to be my fav console, and i LOVE LOVE FUCKING LOVE my PS3. i never owned a 360, due to the fact i didnt wanna pay for online, i was terrified of the rrod, blah blah blah, go to gamespot and read what the sony fanboys have to say about the 360, and thats it. anyways, i've wanted a 360 for a good long while now, thanks to gears of war, mass effect, and left4dead, along with sneak king and pocketbike racer (i kid, but i do own). so, i got five hundred dollars from the tax return that i could spend on anything i wanted, so BAM! 360 it was. here's what i think of it.

CONS: lets get these out of the way first. paying for online. nope, dumb. i know this may just be mine, but, no joke, my disc tray fucks up for no reason. i can play downloaded games no prob, but sometimes, its wont read the disc based games, and i cant play them. i hate the NXE layout. and the d-pad. yup, thats basically it.

PROS: the online, that i'm paying for. look, i never had a problem with PSN. i play games, it works, i have friends, all the basics are covered. now i am familiar with a little something known as the party system. wow. fuckin sweet. WHY CANT THE PSN PATCH THAT IN? um, i love the feel of the controller, its comfy, aside from the d-pad, which feels like the head of a camels dick. jesus, fuckin XBLA is SO fuckin sweet. i got this bitch a week ago, already dropped over a hundred on the XBLA games and DLC alone. i like the achievement system a lot more then trophies, because achievements actually work.

god, im such a drunken mess right now, i cant even get correct punctuation all the time. either way, i love this fuckin thing, even though it doesnt work sometimes, its worth the 300 (i got the pro). either way, if anyone wants to play some video games, my gamertag AND PSN is SamBasinger. which is my name. because i'm clever. please add me, i hate play left4dead with people who dont know what the fuck they're doing.   read

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