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Grayraiden avatar 11:36 AM on 09.24.2013  (server time)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney Trilogy HD: See You in Court


Phoenix Wright: My client pleads not guilty, your honor. There is no distinguishable evidence that shows GR was not keeping to his schedule….

Miles Edgeworth: Then how can your client claim his alibi is solid, when there are records showing his constant procrastination and his statement that he would have his review out last week?

Wright: well not all of are perfect like you Edgeworth. (he’s right though……GR is pretty lazy)

Grayraiden: Um your honor, can’t I just review the game now and make up for it?

Judge:....hmm I don’t see why not? Just be aware of any misleading information or you will be penalized.

Well with out of the way, let’s go to court in today’s review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney HD

Remember in my last review, I mentioned Law and Order. Well, in this game you play the role of the prosecutor…

Wright: *slams desk* How could my own client forget that I am a defense attorney? It’s part of the name!

Oops sorry Mr. Wright, ill change my story. Anyway, this game first came out in 2001 on the Nintendo DS and has had several titles with a sort of cult status among gamers. Due to its unique take on courts, wild characters, and fun and often funny stories.

In terms of the gameplay, you have to remember that I am playing an HD re-release of a DS game. You go to the crime scene and try to get to the bottom of what happened, like in any episode of Law and Order. What sets this apart however is as the defense attorney; you can’t really get that much information. The game doesn’t really hold your hand as to giving you clues; you need to think very carefully about each piece of evidence before the real fun begins in court.

In the universe of Phoenix Wright, the judicial system as been extremely streamlined. Most of the forensics work like ballistic fingerprinting can be done during the actual trial. Court hearings are now only three days until a verdict is sentenced, although most cases wrap up in one....

Edgeworth: All thanks to people like me who will do anything to get a guilty verdict.

As I was saying, the only thing you have to really rely on in these games is your brain. Its up to you to put together a correlation between someones testimony and the evidence. The odds will be against you almost all the time and the state of the person on the stand can change instantly. It's up to you to protect the innocent and find the real culprit behind a lover's quarrel, your boss' murder, and a closed case that changed the lives of everyone Phoenix holds dear.

Special mention is going to the music of the first game with how it makes you feel so accomplished when you are on the right path of questioning and you used your head to figure it all out.

If you are interested in purchasing this HD compilation, it's the Iphone app store for free...well only the first two cases of Ace Attorney are free. You can purchase the other games separately or in a bundle.

Phoenix Wight: I would like to submit to the court that my client has proven that this game deserves a....

Edgeworth: Your honor, I feel that the reputation of our witness is coming into question again, Mr. Gray, how can you prove that this game deserves the rating you are suggesting?

I can and I will Mr. Edgeworth.

This is the best kind of "thinking man's" game I can recommend. If your interested in courtroom twists and turns, this game is for you. If you want a basic idea how the court system works without having to go to law school, the this game is for you. Finally, If you want a game that will force you to use you head and unravel the mysteries of a wittnes, then you want Phoenix Wright in your corner.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD gets 5 OBJECTION! out of five.

So I basicaly went on "trial" for my procrastination and I have learned my lesson so I will nail out more and more reviews very soon.

If you want to follow me further for more updates, check out my facebook page.

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