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Fallout: New Vegas: Welcome to the New City of Sin


They say a courierís job is only finished two ways: the package is delivered, or they wander the afterlife. There is one story of a courier who cheated death so many times that death became his ally, a courier who was the one to bring either peace or destruction to the Mohave wasteland where three flags fight for dominance and war?....Well war never changes.

Transitioning from Fallout 3 to New Vegas felt like the natural progression from original to sequel without the awkward feeling that you can tell when different developers were working on the same franchise. Youíre given a brand new wasteland to discover, new ways of exploration, and the same great atmosphere and storytelling the Fallout games are known for.

New Vegas takes place around and in Las Vegas and the Mohave Desert now called the Mohave Wasteland after the Great War. You initially begin the game as a courier: a deliverer of packages, messages, and anything else needed across the Wasteland. You were contracted to deliver a platinum chip somewhere, but it turns out the chip price was a shallow grave. After being found by a Securitron and fully recovered, itís up to you to find the man who wanted you dead and changing the fate of the Mohave with it.

How you choose to make your way across the wastes is entirely up to you as it was in Fallout 3. This time though every major or minor decision you make will either please or scar your reputation with the many factions fighting for control. You have the New California Republic (NCR) holding control over Hoover Dam and bring New Vegas under their rules. Caesar's Legion who would like nothing more than to watch their empire grow by any means necessary. Finally, thereís Mr. House and his army of security robots that police and make sure that the New Vegas strip prospers. You can choose to side with any of these factions and it could lead to a completely different ending.

Remember in my Fallout 3 review how I described my favorite moment of surprise and joy I had? Well, I experienced it on more than one occasion. I killed an entire pack of deathclaws down to my last shotgun shell, massacred an entire platoon of Legion soldiers with only an energy axe, and persuaded my enemies to value their lives before I send them to their early graves.Combat in New Vegas is more exciting thanks to the fact that now you can aim down sights and aim more accurately than Fallout 3. If you have the caps for them, you could also equip weapon mods like extended mags, silencers, and scopes. There are even different ammo types for different situations.

Music wise, New Vegas takes some of the same cues from Fallout 3 like using licensed music from the era to create the atmosphere. But like I said with Fallout 3, All the radio music starts to blend together and all sound the same. Voice acting wise, there were a few standout characters. Ron Perlmen's gruff tone as the narrator, Matthiew Perry as Benny the well-dressed leader of the casino gang "the chairmen", Felicia Day as Veronica: one of your potential companions and member of the Brotherhood of Steel. Fun fact: according the Guiness Book of World Records: Gamer edition, New Vegas holds the record for most recorded lines of dialog in a single-player game at 65,000!

This game is not without faults however. When the game first came out in 2010, there were a lot of immersion-breaking bugs and glitches like the VATS system not working when you needed it most, companions disappearing out of nowhere, random freezing, and other instances. Many of the initial bugs have been ironed out over time, but there are still plenty that are noticeable.

After playing both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I can honestly say I had more fun playing New Vegas despite its many glitches and bugs. The story felt more unique as to how I could decide who to side with, and I really did appreciate the change in combat with the gunplay.

With all this in mind, Fallout New Vegas gets 4 Deathclaws out of 5

A courier's job is never easy. We wander the wasteland delivering messages, We are idolized in one town and vilified in the next. Some of us have allegiances with the two-headed bear, or with the Bull of the East. Some of us are gifted with silver tongues or a affinity for the sciences. We sing of old world blues or dream of dead money. Not all of us carry honest hearts, but we are connected by our path. Forced to forever walk the lonesome road with a message tied to our back.

If you are interested in picking up Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition, you can pick it up at retail for $30 or on Steam for $20

If you have played New Vegas, share your favorite moment of your journey in the comments or on my facebook page.
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