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Salvador Sandoval
12:43 AM on 08.25.2013

Go check this comment section or any comment section about the Wii U or Nintendo. Check it real good and scroll down to check the heated debate, if you have the time.

Sorry you had to see that. Oh! Also, the title is a play in the "War of Christmas" running gag by Fox News. This blog is about the constant negativity and nastiness  in Nintendo-related articles, so if you are interested and have some time to kill since there is no news on weekends, please give it a read. It will make me happy!

-----------Skip this part if you don't care about ranting and excessive self-awareness--------

I'm, as I have said in repeated occasions,  a Nintendo fan. I love all things Nintendo, be them Marios and them Zeldas, them Pikmins and them Metroids, they are a big part of my life. If I'm short on money and have the option of one game and only one game at any given time, chances are I'll pick the Nintendo first party software, since that is where my interests are.

Even then, I do play all kinds of games with my friends, at arcades (Who still exist in a huge way here in México), at gaming conventions, be it Call of Duty or Power Stone, Marvel vs Capcom 2 or DDR (That I suck at), I have learned to enjoy the games for what they are, just fun. When just enjoying games, I stopped caring about what game company made it or what console is it on, I just want to play some goddamn games.

Aww yiss more games to play

So I just don't understand, why do Nintendo related news are always flooded with people talking shit about Nintendo, specially the Wii U? Even sometimes stuff completely unrelated to the news itself, just pointing out the disadvantages of the system and why, according to the user writing it,  everyone who buys the console is a fucking idiot because its obviously inferior in every single way.

I mean sure, the Wii U is NOT perfect, by any reach of the word. The games are slowly coming, the hardware specifications are decent, but not on par with the other consoles by any chance (As far as we know), the tablet seems gimmicky and also most of the games are decidedly aimed at the Nintendo crowd.

But it seems all the people only saying negative things about the console those not realize WE ALREADY KNOW THAT. We know of the shortcomings of the console. And here is the thing: We don't care. We like it because what it offers us is, well, what we want. Sure, more advanced technology would be nice. And sure, more games would be nice too. And sure, the console is expensive.

But that's ok. You know what? Because we want the console to play games.

We want the console to play Nintendo games.

We want the console to play Indie games.

We want the console to play quirky weird games.

Power is not everything people, is all about the games, right?

-------Read from this point on for the beef of the blog, in case you value your time-------------

To all those people who are saying the console is crap, well, it may be crap for you since it just doesn't appeal to you. But there is people who are just waiting for the right game to come out.

You really just need one or two or a few games to convince you to buy a console. For me, it was Nintendo Land, for my friends, it was Monster Hunter, for some of my cheapest  or busy friends, it will be a Zelda or a Metroid. And for the casual crowd? Who the fuck knows? I never expected Animal Crossing to be a smashing hit on the 3DS when it realeased in Japan, but it did. Its just one game people. That game justifies a $350 purchase in a lot minds.

What console are you buying? Why are you buying it? If you are buying the PS4 or Xbox One, I'm pretty sure you are aware that a lot of the must buy games that are coming for the consoles are not coming at launch or are going multiplatform in current-gen consoles too, with just a graphical upgrade. I don't know about you, but buying a PS4 or Xbox One at launch is a good idea only if you know you are investing for the future and you can wait for those games to come.

Pretty sure you are all buying this.

Is the same for us Nintendo fans. Is the same for those that are not as patient as us and are waiting for the right game to drop. We knew what we where getting into, we knew the games where not going to look at the same beautiful ultra-detailed HD gray and brown colors. But we also knew it will more than make up for it with the Nintendo games and the weird collaborations and indie games that have been and will be in the console so far. We are not idiots (Well, at least not all of us), even if a lot of people think we may be for liking Nintendo products, we don't need negative people to come and try to ruin our fun.

All I'm saying is, whats the point? For me its just sad to see the cereal guy (You know, ctg867) or Kyosuke with their constant negativity. Sure, negativity or criticism is good every now and then, but come on guys! Every single time you have to bring up the same arguments, the same logic and the same facts? Do you think most people always care about if you are right or wrong? I'm sure you guys are smart thinking people, we can all tell, you don't need to prove anything. You are not saving us from a mistake, nor Nintendo, and you are doing nothing to make your point, even if valid, come across. You are just alienating this community and antagonizing the "Nintendrones", that I have to admit, love to use those downvotes who I think are unfair and cowardly, I'll love for downvotes to not be anonymous, but that's another discussion entirely.

The point is... just stop. I like to think that everyone that visit this website at least made an informed decision when they bought a Wii U and knew what they where getting into, and I'm pretty sure the vast majority is happy with the purchase. And yes, the console is doing awful right now, but really, that's to be expected... there is still not a blockbuster Nintendo game out there, and believe me, chances are, it will come.

What's the worst thing it can happen? The Wii U will become a Gamecube 2, and then Nintendo will try to make a new console in a few years. I can live with that.

Also, please announce a Star Fox game for the Wii U already Nintendo, come on!
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Hello again! I'm Salvador and I'm back with a new blog entry about stuff I believe may be good ideas. But are they really good ideas? That's for you to decide. Thanks for reading!

So anyway, as the Nintendo fan I am, I love Zelda games. This is one of the two franchises that most gamers say you have to play in order to be taken seriously, the other been Final Fantasy. I don't believe that's entirely true, if you don't like either of those series that does not make you more or less gamer, is just a matter of taste.

So let's get back on track! As we all know, Zelda has a rich story spawning more than 25 years, that's even before I was even born, and most people have played at least one of the 15+ main games Nintendo have released. And we all have a favorite.

And this is where the base brakes.

What is better, 3rd person 3D world Zelda, or Overhead perspective Zelda? Again, it's all a matter of taste. But it's important enough that some people refuse to play the old ones or just can't accept the new ones.

"He said Ocarina of Time sucked donkey balls"

And this gets me to the point of the article... why not fuse the best elements of both?

Ok, I know this idea is not new. Take the best elements of Zelda and put into a single game its pretty much what the new games have been trying to do. But what I'm suggesting is a little bit more noticeable, something that will affect the gameplay and help the series be true to the Zelda Formula, while been something that feels new.

So let's take the cauldron out and start mixing shit until we came up with something edible!

And use the Magic Powder on EVERYTHING

Recipe to make the perfect Zelda 2D+3D game 

by yours truly.

1.- Boild water for about 3 minutes, don't forget about it because you are checking your facebook.

2.- Make the overworld with a heavy focus in the style and creativity of the Overhead Perspective of games like "A Link to the Past" and the original "The Legend of Zelda"

3.- Make the dungeons with a heavy focus in the style and architectonic marvel of the dungeons in games like "Wind Waker", "Ocarina of time" and "Twilight Princess".

4.-Allow both modes to be interchangeable at the tap of a button and add a deeper layer of puzzle solving and exploration to  the game.

5.-Add some sugar (Miyamoto's Sweat)

6.-And some ketchup while you are at it. EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER WITH KETCHUP

And there we go! Wait 10 to 24 months and you'll get...

"Oh God what I have I DONE"

Oh wait! Please don't go, I can fix it! This idea can still work!

Let me tell you how.

What makes Zelda games enjoyable varies from person to person, but there seems to be a common ground. They are fun journeys. You start weak, with maybe just a sword and a shield, explore a bit, get to a dungeon, get the dungeons item, use it to beat the dungeon, and move on to the next one. The dungeons get progressively harder and requires you to think more and more. That has never really changed, and it does not really need to change that much, just make it fresh and different enough to enjoy it once more.

The 2D Overworld/3D Dungeon system is not a gamechanger, is just marrying the most enjoyable bits of Zelda into a perfect Zelda Brew with a cookie on top. What I found the most enjoyable about A Link to the Past was the connected spread overworld, the perfect symmetry with the dark world, the exploration of the different depths provided by cliffs and stairs.

It was fun to explore because it was really not that complicated, you really didn't need to look all around you to solve puzzles or find out of sight stuff, it presented you with all the elements right there and it was your task to walk around and solve it. 3D Overworld could be fun, and it certainly could be challenging, but more often than not could be confusing or alienating, getting lost was way WAY more easy if you didn't have a keen eye for landscapes.

The perfect way a Zelda overwold can be for me is pretty much the way it works with a Link to the Past or Link's Awakening, with one addition: For it to allow you zoom in and enjoy the 3D enviroment, but not rely on it too much. Kind of what I hope A Link Between Worlds will do.

Ain't you a sexy looking game?

And finally, I believe the 3D Dungeons are far superior to the 2D ones. They ooze atmosphere, mood and made me feel uneasy and excited. There is something about entering a new 3D Dungeon, the way its presented, the detail in the architecture, the freaking unique giant doors designed exclusively for every dungeon. They feel like a place that is not welcoming you, like an usurper, like a challenger. You dares enter this place, you need something from here, but its not going to be easy.

And that's something I feel 2D Zelda, while doing a great job at making amazing and atmospheric dungeons, just does not feel as real as the 3D ones. Don't get me wrong, there is some GREAT touching moments and story elements presented in the 2D Zelda dungeons that really worked and make me all fuzzy inside when I play them again, but I feel its not as great as, say, a Boss entry in Ocarina of Time.

But why stop there?

Marrying both elements of Zelda doesn't mean they are entirely different entities just connected through the overworld layout. It could be used for badass puzzle solving too! Perspective puzzles and all that! It could work sometimes like with Fez, where depending on the perspective is the places you can interact with and reach!

Or it could be like the Magic Mirror! And have a Link to explore the world between the 2D world and the 3D world in the same way Light World and Dark World, Past World and Future World interacted. Why not?

Oh! And one more thing...

I want more of this.

Source for the Dark Link fanart: http://loz-dark-link.deviantart.com/
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First of all, introductions. Hello there. I'm Salvador. Yes, I quite like my name. No, you can't have it.

I like videogames. I like reading about videogames. I like talking about videogames. I like watching people play. I... I don't play videogames that much, mostly because I just recently started earning enough money to justifying the cost to buy games for myself, so I can play games more often know! But hey! Enough of that, the title is, as I'm sure you read, "How to make Smash U a bigger success than Smash 3DS". Fitting for my first blog here, since Super Smash Bros. is the franchise I have spend most of my time, playing it regularly for that last 13 or so years.

Oh the memories.

As a big fan of this series, I'm absolutely hyped about the new games we are getting "next year" (Yeah right, and Kingdom Hearts III is also coming in 2014) and can't wait to have that delicious copy in my hands, rubbing that disc and insert it deep deep into my WiiU for the first time. I'm pretty sure that, if you are reading this, you feel the same way too! Or maybe just a little bit curious about the title. Don't worry, I'm getting there!

As you all know, the new Smash Bros. is getting 2 versions, color coded for your convenience. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for WiiU. Yeah, apparently those are the official titles... ok then!

Because calling them Smash Blue Version and Smash Red Version was not clever.

I'm one of those big Nintendo fans (Fanboy, if you want to call me that, I don't mind) and I'm getting both version as soon as I can. But there is something that is worrying me. A trend that I can't stop noticing around my circle of friends and the internet.

Most people are only getting the 3DS version.

I'm pretty sure you can tell where this is going. The 3DS is the sexiest machine around right now, and with good reason. Amazing games are coming almost every week in the little handheld and almost everyone I know, if they don't own it yet, wants it.

And that's great! I'm sure the 3DS Version is going to be a smashing success, and I certainly can't say no to a portable smash experience. But there is just one problem I Have with this.

What about the Wii U? Don't get me wrong, I know is going to sell a lot of consoles when it comes out, but it's obvious that it's not going to sell as well as it could have when people have the option to buy a most likely cheaper game for a most definitely cheaper console than, most likely by then, EVERYONE would own. I'm talking about the 3DS version, of course.

Sure, maybe by then the WiiU have turned around its lackluster first year with all the games its releasing this holiday season, buy we all know that the reason why a lot of people are holding their purchase of the console. And that reason is a New Smash Bros. and a new Smash bros. alone. And maybe Metroid. And maybe Star Fox. And maybe F-Zero. And maybe Zelda. Em... you know what I mean.

So the biggest risk for the WiiU, as a console that needs EXCLUSIVE games to sell well, is, funny enough, a game released by Nintendo itself. So how to solve this potential problem? That's actually quite simple. Nintendo has done it itself in the past.

Release the Wii U version first, and 3DS version a few weeks later. Remember The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess?

I sure do~

A refresher. Twilight Princess was originally developed for the Nintendo Gamecube, and is commonly known, was delayed so it could be released first on the Wii as a launch title with motion controls and all those wacky shenanigans that TRUE hardcore gamer shouldn't like. The move was a success and was, with Wii Sports, the reason why the console was sold out freaking everywhere. It was sold with 3 out of 4 Wii consoles at launch.

Most interesting part is, the Gamecube version of the game released 2 weeks after. This is incredibly telling. I'm sure at least halve those people that bought the Wii that wanted to play the new Zelda had the Gamecube, and if that version had released alongside the Wii version, they wouldn't have bothered with the Wii version. At least not yet. Granted, they could be excited about the new motion controls and ways to play, but you can't always justify a $250+ inversion to play one game that you could play in a console you already owned.

This is mostly speculation on my part, but I was part of the statistic. I just couldn't wait two full weeks to play the next Zelda. I HAD to play it at that moment, and I went far and beyond to get a Wii, ultimately failed, since they where sold out everywhere, but I swear I tried.

Back to the smash discussion.

I'm not saying is fair to release the 3DS version after the WiiU version, I'm sure a lot of people just don't have any interest yet on the WiiU, and that's fine. BUT if Nintendo is serious about moving WiiU units and putting on the fence all those who want to pass on it, THIS would be the smart move to do.

I know the 3DS owner would be mildly annoyed by this move, but it will make commercial sense. Its not really alienating the 3DS crowd. Its more a "Hey guys! We haven't forgotten about you, and you are getting your game in a little bit, but have heard about this really neat console called the WiiU? Yeah, you don't reaaally have to buy it to play smash, but if you are eager, why not give it a try?"

Of course, this is only if they don't just...

Give you the 3DS version for free when buying the Wii U version.

You know, like Sony is doing with their PS3/Vita game. But I don't find this likely to happen, since Nintendo is a firm believer of the "Quality games will sell forever" mantra, and if they release both versions, they will expect you to buy both.

But I still worry. I love both my 3DS and my WiiU, but I can't deny that there is not a lot to play on the home console. The WiiU needs to sell better, not because I care, I love to play mostly Nintendo games and I'm happy with those, but because the console needs a bigger base, just like the 3DS does, so I can have people I can PLAY with more often. Just so I can go out and say "Hey, have you played ZombiU? " and get "Hell yeah, it was great!" more often. And mostly so I can say to the naysayers "See? The WiiU is doing fine! Care to play with me?"

And that is that! This blog only purpose was so the WiiU can do a little better than its doing right now. It couldn't hurt! 

And thanks for reading my first blog here! Have a good one!
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