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Sajorij avatar 8:10 AM on 04.24.2013  (server time)
PBIS: Post Bioshock Infinite Syndrome and its symptoms.

Before you start sighing, no, this is not another praise piece on Bioshock Infinite. We've had our fair share of articles and blog posts praising every imaginable thing about the game and it's certainly been great to see that the game industry can be so affected by a release of a single game. The famous Marcus Beer could've ranted about the supposedly broken combat for another 20 unbearable minutes, but not a single thing would be different today. The praise phase ended, the hate phase ended, so what do we do now? Go back to playing other games? Well, that's where the PBIS might hit you in the face.  

PBIS is a rather strange disease I've encountered lately. After completing Infinite for a second time, it was finally time for me to leave Columbia and give something else a shot. April is not a particularly steamy month for game releases, so I decided to play a game that slipped through my fingers last year, the allegedly amazing action-RPG-adventure Darksiders II. A couple of hours later - I promptly decided to quit the game for good and never go back to it again. I praised some of its technical qualities, the overall visual style and fun combat system, but the game just didn't do it for me. "That's normal, happens sometimes..." you might say, but the same thing happened with two other games since that moment (Lone Survivor and Injustice). And there was always this one game to which I returned.

The worst thing about this is that I truly appreciate the quality of Darksiders, Lone Survivor and Injustice, I've had a lot of fun with all of them, but I ultimately put them down and got back to Comstock's lair of racism and greed for the third time. Is it possible for a game to set the bar so high for an individual, that the individual won't play any other games until another similarly perfect comes around? Or is it just me? Probably the latter.

In a normal day and age, I would cherish the hell out of Darksiders II, Lone Survivor would serve my pretentious/artsy needs for an old-school indie game and Injustice my simple needs of a good fighting game. I guess this speaks a little about today's gaming industry as well. I personally consider Bioshock Infinite to be one of the best games I've played in the last 10 years and yet I'm willing to admit that it's by no means perfect and has many flaws. Still, the PBIS is haunting my game experiences.

I guess only Special Agent Francis York Morgan can save me now.

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