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9:04 PM on 01.19.2010

The Future: STFUAJPG

At least 5 new games will be released at game stop every 2 weeks of this remaining year. This year 8 out of 10 Destructoid users will start flame wars on articles about games that you've seen on the Destructoid front page for an entire fucking year straight. This year, YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE.   read

8:30 AM on 08.18.2009

Player 1: press start to disconnect.

So, I just moved to a new apartment this weekend. Have everything set up in and try and play some 360. I already know I don' have internet yet, so I get on thinking I'll just play some Castle Crashers, right? WRONG Appare...   read

9:03 AM on 06.23.2009

It's weedgan. I've been gone for awhile.

So I have a new username. Had to get a new one since dtoid got hacked and my old email got shut down, so on and so on. Still see a few people I remember around here, but most are GONE. Quick facts about me, -Man -White -I like video games So there you go dtoid P.S Did the podcastle just fall off the face of the earth or what? Somebody update me.   read

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