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STFUninja avatar 12:43 PM on 06.26.2011  (server time)
My Local GameStop Throws Out Hundreds of Dollars Worth Of Merchandise

So I walked out of a newly modeled gamestop yesterday and saw a dumpster overflowing with colorful boxes and posters. The dumpster was full of impounded merchandise! I save all that had not been destroyed by the rain, I got all sorts of games, boxs, and other promotional items. I even got 2 copys of each version of world of Warcraft in a display box with backing and a poster. I also got a few game guides.

Here is the video please watch the whole thing or skip around to get to all of it because there really is alot stuff to show you guys, please also not that the mic on my camera is really bad and the quality is not the best.

(Don't know how to emmbed, if someone told me that would be awesome!)

So what do you guys think? Is gamestop wasteful or what, they didn't even bother trying to give this stuff away to like children's hospitals or charity's or anywhere that could of used it, the whole thing makes me sick.

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