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STFUninja avatar 5:38 PM on 06.18.2011  (server time)
Action/Adventure World Project Update/ HKKstudios nabs a 3DS dev kit!

Hey all, HKKstudios here with a much needed update on Action/Adventure World. I have all great news to deliver except for one small thing, but I'll get to that later. First things first. The game has left prototype and is now in development. The game is being coded in a program that allows us to port it to pretty much anything, with that said the planned consoles are Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and quite possibly on Nintendo's Wii U.

Big plans are in store for Action/Adventure Worlds Co-Op mode. Among these big plans were for the Wii U, When we herd that the controllers had screens we were so excited for the potential that the Wii U version could have over the others. But when it was announced that One Tablet controller at a time we were all crushed. As far as multi player co-op gos for the console ports will all be integrated with each other, meaning that some one on a 360, PS3 and a PC could all be playing together. So that there will be no excuse not to play the multi player with 4 people. Were not 100% sure how were going to make this work conveniently but it does work, Here are some screen shots nabbed using some screen capture software, The 360, PS3 and 2 PC versions of the game were used to make these screens, chances are this may or may not be in the final product but still a cool idea.

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Nintendo 3DS Version

HKKstudios recently accidentally stumbled upon Nintendo's Dev Kit Site, which is (those sneaky bastards) and applied for a 3DS Dev kit, we applied for a Dev Kit for Wii and 3DS, We were granted the Wii Dev Kit but are still waiting on the 3DS one, either way Action/Adventure World is now coming to 3DS! in 3D, the game will include a filter entitled that can be activated at Docs shop which is called Failed invention with puts a red and black filter on the game. Another filter is called Monochromatic makes it like a game boy game.

These are both great fun if you hate your eyes

The Adventure of 1,000 Trials

The Adventure of 1,000 Trials is the other game we are working on, its a unfair challenge style game with NES visuals but does cheat with some I'll post a trailer later Today, heres a vary vague screen shot

So thats it for now tell me what you guys think, until next time i'm outta here.

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