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SS53 avatar 10:11 AM on 03.28.2012  (server time)
RE: Cave Story port guy says Kojima is 'terrible'

See "Cave Story port guy says Kojima is 'terrible'", by Jim Sterling

So yeah, I think Cave Story port guy is being a little harsh. I don't think Kojima makes terrible games, but I do thing Kojima needs to step as far away from MGS as possible for a while.

MGS4 wasn't that great. And as an MGS game it was downright terrible. It deviated too far from the series roots. The plot crapped on every plotline and character that came before it. It was unnecessarily camp, to boot. While there was always an air of campiness to the series, at least it tried to take itself seriously.

I think the Solid Snake storyline should have ended at MGS2. I think leaving the end ambiguous would have done the series a better service, before delving into Big Boss' past, as it did. It would have been nice to see exactly why Big Boss forced Snake to chase him around with a lighter, and arisol can. I wanted to see him become the villain, as much as I liked him in MGS3.

I think Kojima's invested too much time in that series. He's said time and time again he's going to put the series to bed, or at least step away from it, and he never does. The only thing he's done outside the MGS universe in a few years is a stupid Snatcher radio play with Suda 51. Couldn't he just have made a new Snatcher GAME? Why is it only now that We're seeing them acknowledge ZoE, with an undoubtedly unspectacular HD collection.

I think they should have taken Kojima away from developing a few years ago, and given him a more empowering, executive position at Konami. He seems like a genuinely smart fellow. And between the Bowie references, Bond references, Terminator references, etc. he obviously has an appreciation for western culture. He'd be a good man to have higher up on the proverbial food chain from a PR standpoint. People know him, and respect him in this industry. I think they could still do that. At the very least, it would make people stop talking about how shitty Konami has gotten (And Monday's Jimquisition episode pretty much summed everything up in a nice little package), and make people wonder what they're going to do in the future. Because at this point I think the only thing people are wondering about Konami now, is "when are they gonna go belly up?"

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