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1:24 PM on 02.08.2011

A thought about FPS games

A great philosopher once said "Art should be about what we could be, not what we're damned to be." Now yes, just said that, and no I am not a great philosopher, in fact I probably just took that quote from bioshock 1 or 2 or Banjo Tooie, but the fact remains that videogames are a sphere where putting forth the most awesomely ridiculous scenarios and powers are a possibility, a possibility too awesome to pass up.  With that said, popular FPS's nowadays seem to be trying to do take the biggest crap on this borderline romantic possibility as much as possible and that, in the words of another grand philosopher (me), "Sucks a whole bag of dicks."

Don't get me wrong, Battlefield 2 and Modern Warfare 2 (the games i'm going to use as my key examples) are fun in many ways, but what makes them fun is the whack shit you're able to do in them.  In modern warfare 2, you can jump like 30 goddamn in-game feet to stab someone, like a fragging power ninja of sorts.  In Battlefield 2, you have straight up RPG style classes, and can kill someone with a defibrillator or a power drill.  That is so damn metal is hurts my mind a smidge.  But these things that make the games fun, that actually make them games, are fundamentally unrealistic.  They are a product of super people doing super things.  I don't wanna go to Iraq and stand round until some asshole tries to shoot me, so I play a game set in Smiraq and just go buck-the-fuck wild of peeps.  This is a romanticist idea ( I don't say romantic cause that would make yall think of flowers and other chocalatey in a box shit), it is a celebration of the unrealistically better than.  Being able to do crazy badassery is an appeal that makes us either wanna sit round all day and escape to it, or if your not a loser,  go be badass in some way ourselves.  So why try to make these games realistic?  Why set them in scenarios where we are fighting the SMU.S.S.R. or the Smilaban?

Trying to make these games realistic is a fools errand.  Your using fiction to piss on the idea of fiction, it's a balk on possibilities to be explored. Objectively, these games are put together well, polished mechanics, bullets that do what they should, but why not apply that polish to an infinitely more fictitious scenario?
With that said, I think I'll get some action in on Bulletstorm and Killzone 3.   read

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