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While never a popular one, you knew me way back when. Life has moved on, but I'll always hold a special place in my heart for the community of Dtoid.
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12:10 PM on 10.05.2007

You are really starting to chafe my ass with the million variations of the same friggin console. Why must you complicate things so much? It's getting to the point that we nearly need a Ph.D. in order to decipher what version one has compared to versions two, three, and four. When you need a friggin chart, things are getting out of hand.

Boy oh boy do I miss the days you could walk into a store and come out with a purchase, knowing full well that every console made by that particular company had the same exact set of features. Now you have to either pay through the nose, or downgrade to a crippled version of what's being offered. Are we buying custom computers here? Man, do I ever feel sorry for the millions of clueless parents out there who take on the monumental task of trying to figure this out -- in order to buy something nice for their kids. They don't stand a chance.

Whoever decided that the multitude of "choices" was great for the consumer needs to get kicked in the nuts repeatedly.This whole subject gives me (and a whole lot of other people) the shits. [/end of rant]

This needs to stop.

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Let the flames begin!
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Guess what? Loved the beginning, liked the middle, and was pleased with the ending. Just what exactly do you people want out of a game? As far as I'm concerned, Halo 3 looks pretty good, and was a real joy to complete. Great job, Bungie.


2:36 PM on 09.20.2007

Being the dedicated DC comics (and Superman) fan that I am, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the DVD release of Superman:Doomsday. After viewing it, I have to say they changed some things from the story on which it was based, but overall it wasn't too shabby. You can download the movie on Xbox Live if a trip to the store is not on your list of things to do before Halo 3 comes out.

I still recommend checking out the graphic novel called The Death of Superman if you want the real story as it happened during that sad day in 1993. Anyway, here's a peek of the movie. *SPOILERS* SUPERMAN DIES. Enjoy!

It isn't clear in the movie how Superman is able to rise from the dead while his clones cannot, but oh well -- that's comic books for you. If everything were completely believable it wouldn't be called fiction, now would it?

Most of us weren't even thought of yet when this song came out, but it's still great to hear this once in a while. Hey, even I don't listen to Metal all the time. OK, you can go back to the regular scheduled program now -- and quit crying. Yes, I know it's sad.


Volcanon rocks! This pic is so full of win that I nearly shat myself. If you somehow missed the Cblog that spawned it, then kick yourself in the backside. Read it, fool!

Any Dream Theater fans here, or have you all been brainwashed by the screamo shit? Please tell me that you appreciate good metal when you hear it. You know, the kind where the lead singer actually sings. Holy shit, what an idea!

Take Forsaken for instance. It has a nice piano intro and then the guitar comes out of nowhere and kicks all sorts of ass. Best of all, you don't have some poor excuse for a frontman doing that low pitched demonic growl.