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9:16 PM on 03.25.2008

Another Shmup Added to My Collection

Today was a pretty good day for me! Besides getting to cruise around in a convertible(not mineís), cashing several checks (including a nice $25 check from The Podtoid), eating a lots of good Mexican food with a couple of beers to wash it down ,and amazing spring weather, I added a game to my collection which I have been searching for quite some time.

Gradius V has been on my list of games to find for about 6 months now and the kind folks at GameStop (they didnít even try to get me to reserve madden!) helped me cross it off of my list for $14.99 today! The other games that were on my list were Ikaruga on the GameCube, and R-Type Final for the PS2, both of which I found a few months ago.

I have only put about an hour and half into Gradius V but I must say itís a lot more polished and prettier to look at than R-Type Final. Along with being better looking Gradius seems harder to me than R-Type. One feature I really love about the game so far is the fan service in terms of the music and also how the stage one boss from Gradius III makes an appearance in the game (and kicks my ass). Overall I am very pleased with the game and am elated to have finally snatched this elusive title.

*Clarification: One reason it took me so long to find was my avoidance of eBay, for me half the fun was in tracking these games down

Next on my list:

Gradius III for the SNES

Kirby Superstar for the SNES (I know itís not shmup)

I have one question for you all:
How rare are Ikaruga, Gradius V, and R-Type? It seems as though they were very hard to find, which I take as a sign of its rarity or perhaps people really just hold on to them.   read

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