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SQUAGLE AGLE avatar 8:02 PM on 06.01.2013  (server time)
Xbox One shot down too early?


I for one feel that the Xbox One has great potential, and people just can't see that. E3 is just around the corner and I'm one of the seemingly few amount of people actually excited for Microsoft's press conference on the 10th. Sure, I can admit that some things could've been better at the reveal, but overall I was not left unimpressed, and I was certainly left wanting more. 

15 new IP's coming in the first year, 8 of which are Xbox One exclusives, if I remember correctly. For gamers like me who are passionate about their hobby, will agree with me that E3 could really make, or break, Microsoft's Next-Gen console.

The Xbox One is better in my eyes compared to both PS4 and PC gamers. Allow me to explain. I have been a loyal customer to Microsoft for a long time now, and over that time I have had nothing bad to say about the service I received for the money I invested over the years. I have had a PS1 and I currently have two PS2's, and I love them both very much. I dropped the ball with Sony at the PS3, with outrageous launch pricing and a poorly developed "under the hood" section.

PC gaming has always seemed like a pain to me. Not having a controller for games such as Minecraft. Computers that don't sound like a heard of bison cost upwards of $800, add on the fact that I don't want to build my own desktop and you have all the reasons I don't want a good PC for gaming.

Many gamers that have two or maybe even all three platforms listed seem to have the mindset that the Xbox One can't play games sufficiently compared to the PS4 or even some PC's. The fact is that the Xbox One is a multi-platformed device capable of doing much more than just gaming, just as the Xbox 360 can currently do.

I'm just hoping that E3 proves to people that the Next-Gen consoles are something to look forward to.

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