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SQUAGLE AGLE avatar 6:26 PM on 06.03.2013  (server time)
Remember Me: best be forgotton?

Remember Me, an action-adventure game with a beautiful sprawling world encompassing it, was looking like a game that I'd really enjoy playing. A female protagonist. Futuristic setting. Awesome looking game mechanics. I was honestly expecting a lot more from this title. After playing it for a while I have come to get bored. So now I'm on here. Telling people that I don't like the majority of the game. The combat is boring and generic. The ideas are great and if it was the same ideas in a different package, I think that game would flourish. We need new ideas for games, and Next-Gen systems are promised to bring those ideas. This could've been a good game if it hadn't been executed so poorly.

IGN recently did a video review of the game, and after watching it I realize that I'm not the only one with these opinions , as this video proves.

Just one of those great looking games in theory, but when it's actually played, it becomes very old very very fast.

What do you think? Does the game still seem appeal-able?

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