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I'm afraid.

I love gaming, and so do a lot of other people. But $100 per game?! These guys must think I'm some kind of millionaire! I expected the price range of the Next-Gen consoles to be a bit higher than usual, but that's not a big deal. Pay it one time and you're done.

Games however should definitely stay the same price for consoles. The jump from $60 to $100 dollars will just give people one more reason to leave consoles to collect dust.

Lets just hope that this is only a rumor, and that the sites that listed these prices are just setting them as place holders, as other people speculate they are.

While we wait for an official answer, lets look at some Next-Gen games, and ask ourselves, "Why should I pay $100 for this?"

Now obviously the graphics are better, but that alone is not enough for me to want to shell out $100 with each major release, and $50 or $60 for minor releases.

Hopefully developers and publishers and everyone who have anything to do with making games will see the widespread feedback, and reconsider the prices if they hadn't already.

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