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I play video games all the time. I am not single track minded and I am open to opinions. I have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One, the Xbox One is my primary console. I also play PC games, but do not record them (at the time). Games I like include: GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty:Black Ops, Ghost Recon:Phantoms, LA Noire, Far Cry 3, Super Mario 64, 007 Golden Eye, Road Rash, Gone Home, Garry's Mod, Killer Instinct(Xbox One Version), Dead or Alive series, Minecraft, Halo series, Fight Night Round 4, Battlefield 4, and tons more.

In the future on my YouTube channel I will be playing games like Watch_Dogs, The Division, The Crew, Minecraft, Sunset Overdrive, and much much more.
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This game....oh man this game. I'm in love again. This game is really the definition of a "Next-Gen" experience, especially for people like me who aren't big into PC gaming and are going to stick to the console, whether it's the PS4 or the Xbox One. It's going to be great to be right up there with the PC gamers as far as  the multiplayer gameplay goes.

The livestream just ended a little while ago, and today was the 2nd day of the stream and I have to say, I left VERY impressed. The destruction that is available in this game is just very prominent in the multiplayer which is kind of a trademark for the Battlefield franchise. The detail in the maps is superb, but what else would you expect from a Next-Gen title like this? It also seems like they really nailed down the amount of vehicles available in each level. In BF3 there were countless times I'd say "Why the hell does that team have a tank? We're getting destroyed!" They seemed to also fix the reloading glitch that happens EVERY time in BF3 where if your clip is empty and you reload, the clip will always be missing a bullet, and to get that extra bullet you need to reload a second time, making it very easy to be picked off if you're running to cover or something.

If you've missed the livestream the last two days then check out these links to see the last day of streaming tomorrow at 12 pm PDT or around 3PM EST for people like me.

Just copy and paste those links in the URL tab to watch the livestream. I will just say that for you need an origin account to view the livestream, but not for Twitch.

Feedback is appreciated!

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