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7:35 PM on 11.25.2010

PC FNF: November 26th: What I miss?

No you didn't.

PC FNF: November 26th: What I miss?

Welcome, welcome one and all to the strange orgy spectacle that is PC FNF and it's horrifying host... SP- ... What? I don't help run Steamtoid anymore?


Well now that I got that out. Yes this week we are running FNF in god knows how long. I would like to take the time to apologize to any Steamtoider regulars for my absense from chat and my recent vandalism of the Steamtoid group page. At the time I was incredibly angry and was not thinking straight.

Anyway this Friday jump on Steamtoid Chat anytime and ask around for games to play.

I hope to see you there.   read

10:43 AM on 05.28.2010

PC FNF: May 28th. The Boy's are Back in Town Edition

PC FNF: May 28th. The Boy's are Back in Town Edition

Boom PC FNF is better than Superman fighting Nazis

Definite Servers available for play Friday with all official start times.

The Ship
Gametype: Elimination
Play Time: Whenever (Official start time is 6 PM EST)

Team Fortress 2
Map rotation: Stock only rotation with customs in Rock The Vote.
Play Time: Whenever (Official start time is 6 PM EST)

Counter-Strike: Source
Map rotation: de_dust2 and cs_office
Play Time: Whenever (Official start time is 6 PM EST)
(Thanks to TewDee for the server)

Bad Company 2 Server 32 Slot
SAFL Bad Compay 2 -Hardcore and Ranked-
-In the server browser on the right hand side, where it says server name, put SAFL and it will find the server for you, then add to favs!
Play Time: Whenever (Official start time is 6 PM EST)

For matchmaking/lobby games such as Left 4 Dead get in the Steam chat sometime Friday afternoon (Preferably during the rest of FNF) and ask around for people who want to play.

Any other ideas? Post them in the comments.   read

10:59 AM on 05.25.2010

An Apology to Steamtoid and Looking to the Future

Where do I start?

I have done many things I need to apologize for.

When I took on the job of administrating given to me by WastelandTraveller I promised I would post an FNF thread every week. I don't. I was told not to abuse my powers and for a while I didn't (Tarvu would argue against this and say I am a righteous ass with a god complex but I digress) but soon I started kicking people that looked at me funny. Though worst of all when I took on this position I promised I would be there and be active in the Steamtoid group... And I haven't. I have said repeatedly when people have joked about how little I am on that I am just busy... I have been dealing with some social issues and some personal ones as well, but really how hard is it to post a thread once a week that I literally copy and paste from week to week except for one or two paragraphs? How hard is it to mingle in a chat room while I do work?

Somewhere in these past few months I have forgotten what I am here for. We (as in the admins of the Steamtoid group) said we would make Steamtoid a driving force in the Destructoid community. During FNF we reached upwards of about thirty people in the chat. We even started our own Podcast (Thank you to anyone who actually listened to it) but that quickly failed as well, not even getting to an episode one. As Wasteland is often busy and Doomsday... Well to be honest I have no idea what Doomsday does... I am the least busy of the group but I find both of them being far more active than I am.

So I'm sorry. If I ever kicked you out of the chat for no good reason I am sorry. I apologize to the whole Steamtoid community as a whole but those who have known me and those who are thinking "Oh yeah that guy has admin... Right?" I apologize to all of you.

Now onward and upward. Let's try this again. First off I promise an FNF thread every week (unless there is absolutely no way I can post it in which case I will alert another Steamtoider).

Second, though I have not gathered anyone yet, I would like to make another stab at a podcast. Now if Doomsday or VGFreak are reading this they are probably thinking "Yeah... No." but I want to try it one more time. In my opinion we approached it from the wrong angle. We tried to practically copy Podtoid and go over News and such. Though some may say it worked it made for a rather boring recording time. During one of the podcasts I sat at my computer playing flash games and grunting. I would like to make it a community driven podcast. Talking about the news is great but you need more. During recording times people will be able to ask questions through the Steamtoid chat (also maybe make a twitter account) and possibly run interviews on some of the more stand out members of the community. (Anyone interested in being a part of this please PM me or talk to me on the Steamtoid Chat)

Finally there are a few people I would like to apologize and thank in particular. Tarvu I am still not exactly certain what I did to earn your hatred but I assume it was kicking you out of chat on multiple occasions. I am sorry. Wasteland I have no idea why you gave me admin. You just threw it at me and then ran away with your arms flailing. But thank you for your vote of confidence. Doomsday thank you for your moderating of the Steamtoid chat and for banning all the spammers. VG thank you for being the person who after the podcast died you kept wanting to get it running. To anyone I have unjustly kicked or banned from the chat room, I am sorry.

Now get in Steamtoid Chat and let's get this show on the road.   read

7:58 PM on 12.25.2009

Spirit of Giving and Why I love Destructoid

Destructoid I am impressed by you. When I found this site a little over a year ago it only seemed to me that it was a good place to find news on video games and look at people argue about which console is better. I did not care much for the community and up until early fall I did not create an account for either the Forums or for the main website/ C-blogs. After creating my account on the main site I started to notice that there was a community here and not one of those communities like Gametrailers where people spout faggot and asshole and racism at each other. It is an actual community of people who enjoyed games and were kind individuals. As some people know I am an admin on the Destructoid Steam Group (we like to call ourselves SteamToid). Some of you who know me like me and some do not (I of course speak of those of you still bitter about the announcement spam episode a few weeks ago). I enjoyed being in the Steam Group chat for SteamToid and something interesting happened recently. Wasteland and VgFreak decided to hold a contest.

Now this in itself seemed rather normal in its procedure. one of them bought the reward (a copy of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl) and then the contest started. The contest was tell what a Destructoid is in four words. So an announcement was made and people started pouring into the chat to give their submissions and to win the coveted prize. Dark Raven won with his submission of Jim Sterling's Play Orgy but before the contest ended we had more people hosting their own contests. One SteamToid member by the name of Senor Doucheoisie started a contest that was the first five people to friend me each win copies of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. I participated in this contest and was one of the first five making me one of the winners (we will come back to this later). I also participated in a contest by MurderMamba that consisted of first person to change their name to Christmasey won a copy of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl I also won this contest (no I am not greedy this will be visited later as well). So the contests were over the chat was clearing and I realized I had won two contests for the same game. Trebz had participated in all three contests and was the only person left in chat who had not won anything. I quickly told Senor to give him the game instead of me. That was it the contests were over and people were leaving. Games were gifted and people headed off to play there new copies of STALKER. I stayed behind and talked with some of the people in chat including Doomsday and Wasteland then went off to sleep. I woke up the next day and the first thing I thought was "Damn that was fun."

That is why I love Destructoid. You people are what make me check the website once a day. You are why we have FNF every Friday and why PC FNF has lifted off the ground and without you none of this would be here. You are why I made that Forum account a few months ago and why I am writing this blog. The kindness that all of you show on a daily basis whether its through giving gifts, running contests, or just lighting up someone's day you continue to change for the better. You are the reason I play games; every last one of you.   read

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