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I'm the Spider Pig.
Major 360 gamer.
Love my PS3 and PSP

I'm craphouse crazy for japanese RPG's,
Hate FPS.
Like the occational 7 hour licensed game.
I have a band here in MPLS, you've never heard of us.

I'm pretty good friends with bhive, cause we're cool
and I am tough on Liam's, but only the 2015 kind.
also DVDdesign = EVIL



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A moment of silence please.

Getting excited is SO LAST SUMMER, i know
but this series is a nice break from final fantasy for me.
It's clean, straight forward, and just a damn fine time all around.
So I'm excited..

After a post by Liam2015 about Final Fantasy, I had an internal debate.
I call myself a Final Fantasy fan, but up until that post I had only
finished FF 10, and FF 10-2.
The question arose. Could I really call myself a Final Fantasy fan?
Is it possible that I hadn't paid my dues to the franchise? Was I worthy of that title.
The answer was pretty clear.
So I set out to make amends for my past transgressions.

I diligently played FF 12, after previously giving up on the game due to a poor choice I
made early in. (I moved Balthier to a melee position, don't do this if you play FF 12, It
causes problems almost right off the bat) And after a good 50 or so hours I had FF 12
under my belt and one more game off of the list.
But there was a problem... I didn't have any of the other games.

So my life became about Final Fantasy, all of my free time was spent searching for the
elusive titles I had missed in my past.
In my defense, my introduction to Final Fantasy started with 10, I had played 7 off and on
with a friend one summer, and I liked it, but I was a freshman in college at that time, and
video games were far from a priority then. 10 was the first time I really got into the series.
But i digress.

I found all of the Playstation titles online, except for 7, that was a bit more difficult to
procure. After a hell of a lot of searching and 50 bucks later, I landed a copy from a small
game store in my area. (I refuse to go to Gamestop/EB Games any longer. I hate that

But I neither owned a PSP or a DS, so that was the next step, and after a little running
around and a few dollars here and there, plus all of my Best Buy gift cards that I have been
saving up. I ended up with this..

Thats right a PSP and a DS in the same week, and you want to know the best part.
All of the PS1 games run on my PSP through the PS3. It is one of the coolest things I have
ever seen, here I'll just show you

On the PS3..

And on the PSP...

I will admit it took a few hours to get over the graphical downgrade, but now that I am well
into FF 4 I really don't notice it all that much, and the music is so good that it makes up for
what it lacks visually.

So I will attack these games in the following order:

4 is what I am working on now
then to FF 5 and 6
Then a break for Crisis Core (since it precedes VII)
Then 7,8,9
to the PSP 1,2
and finally finishing up with 3 on the DS.

Well thats my post, you know where I will be. Sorry in advance for my absence from both
Dtoid and XBL. But there are a handful of worlds to save, and well, Shakespeare said it

"The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!" *Hamlet (I.v.188-189)

Farewell Dtoid'ers. I will think of you often.
I shall return one day, until then..
Good night and good luck.
...also cocks

Here is the next group of Final Fantasy Mini's that are going to be available in APRIL.
I know the ordering policy sucks, but if you buy all 5 or so I image you won't get doubles. I
only ordered 1 from the earlier set and luckily I got Cloud.
It's kinda fun to gamble and see what you are going to get.
Well here they are.
Get them at PlayAsia if you like.

I don't know about you, but Blue Dragon was one of the best games of 2007. In fact it was in
my opinion the BEST game of 2007.
Blue Dragon felt like a warm comfort blanket.

I had been playing a lot of games all at the same time. But once I got my hands on Blue
Dragon I played it from start to finish without anything taking its place.
Its nice to have a game that is not only and epic story but can hold your attention for 40+
hours. Blue Dragon was that for me. It was like coming home, to a turn based house, in
Japan, where everyone speaks english.

And god willing and jesus tarry it will be that way again.