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ME = Excited *Tales Video*

Getting excited is SO LAST SUMMER, i know but this series is a nice break from final fantasy for me. It's clean, straight forward, and just a damn fine time all around. So I'm excited..


FINAL FANTASY MINI's *more are on the way*

Here is the next group of Final Fantasy Mini's that are going to be available in APRIL. I know the ordering policy sucks, but if you buy all 5 or so I image you won't get doubles. I only ordered 1 from the earlier set and luckily I got Cloud. It's kinda fun to gamble and see what you are going to get. Well here they are. Get them at PlayAsia if you like.


Calling all Blue Dragon fans.

I don't know about you, but Blue Dragon was one of the best games of 2007. In fact it was in my opinion the BEST game of 2007. Blue Dragon felt like a warm comfort blanket. I had been playing a lot of games all at the same...


Xbox Update = Slow Xbox

Is anyone else's 360 running really slow after the update. cause boy howdy mine sure as hell is Just checking.. p.s bhive is watching porn on his PS3 it says so


*FINAL FANTASY* Super cute mini's

Play Asia says that these cutesy little figures will be out in OCT Look at how damn cool they are. I can't wait to get the little cloud and the little Yuna. get um here http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-92-49-en-70-23or.html


Disgaea 3 scan

Disgaea on the PS2 showed me a lot. 1. It taught me that penguins were excellent fodder in battle. -grumble-stupid penguins--grumble 2. A space jock actually was a good character to have on your side. 3. Most importantly i...


About SPIDER PIGone of us since 3:30 PM on 07.29.2007

I'm the Spider Pig.
Major 360 gamer.
Love my PS3 and PSP

I'm craphouse crazy for japanese RPG's,
Hate FPS.
Like the occational 7 hour licensed game.
I have a band here in MPLS, you've never heard of us.

I'm pretty good friends with bhive, cause we're cool
and I am tough on Liam's, but only the 2015 kind.
also DVDdesign = EVIL



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