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3:28 PM on 01.04.2012

Predictions: To the Land of Dreams

The future is upon us, it would appear. 2012 appears to be shaping up to be the US release of the Vita, the big arrival of the Wii U, and more rumors of Sony and Microsoft's next big console. In these tumultuous times, it's hard to to wonder and dream of what awaits us in the future, and I will do so now. Without further ado, allow me to look deep into my 'magic ball' and give a few hard-ware predictions.

The Xbox 3 will be revealed, probably at E3. While speculations will flow like many loose behinds after a Taco Bell run, but a few things will be announced and confirmed: the system will require an HDMI connection to TVs and will be Kinect enabled out of the box. The design of the system will probably stick closer to the newest generation of 360s, but in all likelihood will come in white. The system will be able to connect wirelessly to WiFi and will come with rechargeable controllers. The new disc format will be a 4-layer HD DVD, and with it Microsoft will again try and launch a competitor to the Blu-Ray disc. The launch line-up will be clouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: Modern Warfare 4.

The PS4 will not be revealed this year. It will be rumored and remain under-wraps, but it will not be revealed. Any speculations will be hints by Sony or 'leaks' from third party publishers.

The Vita will be released to lukewarm sales, even though it will have a strong opening launch. It will not price-drop this year, however. Around Christmas, I will assume they will announce a second carrier for the 3G coverage, in all honesty, probably Verizon. The system will be met with critical praise, and Sony will finally put the PSP to bed... right after you pay again for games you already own.

The 3DS will come into its own this year, more of the games people wanted finally being released or unveiled. Expect more details on the new Super Smash Brothers, which will be playable cross-platform with the Wii-U... though with a lack of 3G, this will have to be done in places with WiFi. Regardless, a new Pokemon title will be announced, most likely a 3D version of Black and White (my guess for a name is Pokemon 3D: Grey)

And with that I wish everyone a happy year. May all your wishes come true and- what's that? Oh yeah

New Duke Nukem once Gearbox finished Borderlands 2.   read

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