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8:23 AM on 03.06.2010

8 Minutes Of God Of War 3 Gameplay!

Havent posted in a while (uni exams), but I come bearing gifts this time, I am so hyped for this!
P.S The video is in HD and takes ages to load, your better of using youtube itself
P.P.S It's in German
P.P.P.S They arent plot spoilers, just a bit of gameplay at the begging of the game (the poseidon bit)

[embed]165941:27999[/embed]   read

2:00 PM on 03.05.2010

An 8 minute Spectacular of God Of War 3 Gameplay!

Havent posted in a while (uni exams), but I come bearing gifts this time, I am so hyped for this!
P.S The video is in HD and takes ages to load, your better of using youtube itself
P.P.S It's in German

[embed]165941:27999[/embed]   read

4:15 PM on 02.14.2010

Overlooked and Online: Innovational games

[This is my first proper blog post, so please excuse any noobish mistakes]

Online games arenít taken seriously enough. I see loads of blog posts complaining that their favourite game didnít get taken seriously, or got overlooked, but this isnít just a single game, this is a whole market
People think that online games are just bad little games to play while youíre bored at work, and there are many games built especially for that. But there are amazing games online. Iíve had more fun and spent more time on Sonny 2 than I have with loads of my retail £40 ($60) games and my £10 indie games. Games like this are just plain fun. Just because it's free doesnít mean they're crappy
After debating this many times (in my head), I had an idea. That idea was this series, to sieve through all the crappy games and bring you the best online games, to prove that there are some real gems in the online world and that it should be taken seriously.
Here's the lowdown, each post will be on a different topic or genre, and I'll post the best games that come under that topic. So, without further ado, lets get started on our first topic, innovation...


Push is a really interesting yet simple game. It shows how by introducing a single mechanic into an already simple genre, you can completely change a game.
The 'Single Mechanic' that I mentioned above is a unique ability to move the environment with your mouse, which is what the large circle in the picture above is. This circle moves all the blocks around you to its edges, this mechanic is delightfully simple, and yet it produces unique, challenging, and most of all, innovative game play.
The game's graphics are stylized, simple and really nice. Each level is made up of blocks, loads of blocks. There are also many different of different types of block, all of the affecting the game play in one way or another. This, not only helps the environment bending game play mechanic, but is also graphically appealing. The game uses the simple arrow keys or WASD control method, with the mouse being used for the powers.
Tip: By holding jump when hitting a block directly above, you can stick to it

Play Push here

Time Kufc

Time Kufc is made by Edmund McMillen. That should be enough to sell it to you.
This game is actually pretty well known. It is, like most of Edmunds games, innovational, and thatís just the top of the iceberg. It's actually a really hard game to explain, as it uses so many different techniques and mechanics. The most obvious mechanic being the game's layers; this allows you to jump from the foreground to the background, and when mixed with all the other, some more conventional, game play mechanics, it creates a unique game that has to be experienced.
This game also has meaning, it is what I believe Jim Sterling was talking about, a game that has meaning, but is also very fun. The games meaning is subtle and clever, and to experience it fully you must follow my tip for the game.
The game is as aesthetically pleasing as all of Edmund's other games, which is saying alot, as he is one of my favourite game developers (Seriously though, head on over to his website and buy the 'This is a cry for help' CD, you will not be disappointed ( see the trailer for it at the end of this))
Tip: Read the text at the right hand side of the screen to enhance the story and for some good laughs.
Play Time Kufc here

Upgrade Complete

This game is unique to say the least.
At its heart it is a basic shoot-em-up, but the place where the game really shines is the upgrade system, in the game you have to upgrade everything. I mean that in its most literal sense, you have to upgrade the graphics, the menu; you even have to buy the sound!
This makes the highly addictive, fun and rewarding. It's highly customizable ships lead to your own personal design, as you balance between rockets, machine guns, lightning guns, coin magnets and agility panels. With all these features no wonder this game is one of the most highly rated on Kongregate.
Tip: Start off with a fair amount of coin collectors to collect all your money, you can then sell them later when you have more money
Play Upgrade Completer here

This is The Only Level

The above screen is the game.
That is the only level. Make sense now?
The whole game is you replaying that level, every time a new, unique and quirky twist is applied to the game, whether it be reversing the controls or changing the switchesí function.
The game's main character is an elephant. I thought you ought to know that.
Also jmtb02 is the king of random and elephants. FACT. You also should know that
That's about all I can write about the game, you really have to play it to get it.
Tip: You have unlimited lives, use them wisely

Play This is The Only Level here

This was created to show people that flash is an incredibly powerful tool, and online games can be amazing. Stay tuned for the second installment...

This Is a Cry For Help Trailer (Some NSFW content): [embed]163621:27451[/embed]   read

12:21 PM on 02.11.2010

Hullo and an Introduction

Hello Dtoiders, Im new. So I thought I'd get all this intro shizzle out the way first.

My name is Sam Martino, or Smartino if you know me on Xbox Live, or SM4RT1N0 if your a PSN kind of guy.

I am a new gamer. It sounds weird, but I have never had an interest in games until I brought a PS2, and even then I'd only play for about a couple of hours a week (yes! A week!). But then I brought a 360. And I got interested. I started to look at IGN a couple times a week, and started to visit N4G a bit. Then I brought a PS3, thinking I was a gaming guru. Then, I was on N4G, and I got linked to this website. It was one of Jim's articles. Now, when you've been fed on IGN bullcrap for the last year, and suddenly find one of Jim Sterlingís articles, it makes you realise that gaming journalism doesnít have to be boring, it can have flair. I then started to visit this website lots, and the found a community article, being posted on the front page, I found this to be confounding. Even more so when I noticed the Dtoid staff commenting on their own posts; an actual staff member commenting with us peasants! I then started looking round the C-Blogs and exploring destructoid. And I loved what I saw; I felt the connection and sense of belonging in all the members. And I wanted in. So as sad as it may sound, I really want to be a part of this community; I really want to be accepted into what I see as the best online community there is.

Also, I just thought I'd let you know that I am piss poor at games. As much as I try to hide from it, I am ridiculously bad.

So thats my story. Feel free to leave a comment, or a fap (still getting used to writing that).
Thanks, Sam.

P.S What do you think of the header? I was just wondering cos I was thinking of photoshopping a new one, but only have 5 days on the trial left. Do I need a new one?   read

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