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SH0RYUK3N's blog

12:07 AM on 02.08.2009

Princess Peach is a what?!!

Seth MacFarlane's take on Princess Peach...

[embed]120979:17472[/embed]   read

2:42 AM on 01.16.2008

Not so lucky after all

Now I'm sure most of you can sympathize with this one. Through the onslaught of games that came out this holiday season, I gave my 360 quite the work out. I went through Ass Creed, Ass Effect, and Call of Duty 4 with no problems. I was completely satisfied and life couldn't get any better. So I decided to give my system a break (Mostly due to there being nothing else out that I wanted to play). I'd say it was about 2.5 weeks maybe since I last played when I decided to get some Puzzle Quest on about 10 minutes ago. Now guess what that motherfucker did to me? Oh fuckin ringing. Now I think maybe its a fluke and if I reboot the bitch it will all be ok. (This due to past experience) But no, alas she is dead. Fairly good seeing as how I got it about 2 years ago. All I know now is I better have it back before Lost Oddysey hits the shelves. If I could only find a Wii...sigh...   read

6:01 PM on 11.24.2007

Worth my time?

So I'm sitting here bored at work, and I wondered to the Hitman movie worth my time? Game to movie adaptations are usually horrendous and I don't recall a seeing a D-Toid review for the movie yet. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Anyways, has anyone seen it? It has to be somewhat better than fawkin Resident Evil 3 or anything Uwe Boll.

Also this...

Hmmm...   read

7:26 AM on 11.06.2007

Help a ninja out!!!

Ok so this month is pretty much filled with quality games. I need some direction as to what to purchase as I got enough for probably 1. COD4 is already out and I'm seriously thinking of investing in it...only problem is I'm dreadfully tired of FPS's at the moment. Plus, I think H3 and TF2 can tide me over for a good while still. Then a week later we get Assassins Creed which seems really creative and fresh...aside from the Prince of Persia references. And everyone knows that the lead producer has bewbs, so, you know. And what about Mass Effect? I'm lost. What would Jim Sterling do? WWJSD?   read

4:34 AM on 10.13.2007

Fight Night Round 4

It has now been confirmed that the super mega fun boss in Fight Night Round 4 is going to be Oscar De La Hoya. And not only this, but the ring will be in a hotel room where you have to fight De La Hoya while he is wearing a fishnet body suit and high heels. Lose to this boss and it may end up being the longest Fight Night of your life.

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