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The Sega Addicts Podcast

Alex Riggen
Jim Sterling
Topher Cantler
Tom Kyzivat
Kris Knigge
Chad Concelmo

The Sega Addicts will be recording episode 10 tonight! This week we’ll be discussing Sega news, Aladdin for the Sega Genesis, and continue our Sonic Team series with discussions about: Samba de Amigo, Phantasy Star Online, Billy Hatcher, Puyo Pop Fever, Astro Boy (PS2), Sonic Battle (GBA), Sega Superstars (PS2 Eyetoy), and Feel the Magic/the Rub Rabbits (DS). We’ll also be doing listener questions so feel free to leave some below!

Also, this will probably be the last Sega Addicts post on Destructoid. We have a brand new site to support,, and all of our podcast updates will be posted there from now on. The Destructoid community has been amazing in supporting us and giving us the listener base we now have. I know we wouldn't have been successful without all of you.

Destructoid is amazing.

This is Sega Addicts Episode 9. It is good. Jim does some scat, Kris comes late (its his mom's birthday so he was a little busy), Tom likes diet cream soda not regular, Topher likes a little purple in his coke slushie, and I, Alex, do that hosting thing where I say stuff and then other people say stuff and I'm like "Oh, yeah. What about this?" and then more people say stuff. Pepsi Max. The End.

Here's an outline:

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:56 - News
00:29:20 - Sonic Gems: Rocket Knight Adventures
00:47:14 - Main Topic: Sonic Team Part 2
01:34:39 - Listener Questions
01:45:02 - Soda Time!

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The Sega Addicts will be recording episode 9 tonight! This episode's discussions will involve: recent Sega news, Rocket Knight Adventures for the Genesis, and the second part of our critically acclaimed "The Rise and Fall of Sonic Team" series. The Sonic Team games discussed this week will probably be: Knuckles Chaotix, Nights Into Dreams, Burning Rangers, Sonic Adventure, Chu Chu Rocket, and Samba de Amigo. We will also be doing listener questions so send 'em if you got 'em!

Now, if you look below you will see the ultimate Sega creation as drawn by Tom Kyzivat. Last episode, odber, asked us what parts from different Sega characters would we use to create the ultimate Frankenstein monster. He gave us the starting point of Ristar's arms and Sonic's legs and we added the rest.

SegaStein's Parts:

Ristar's arms
Sonic's legs
Chuck D. Head's torso
Kid Chameleon's head
Kazuma Kiryu's sideburns
Bayonetta's ass

Photo Photo

Episode eight. That's our fourth episode with an even number. Impressive.

This week we discussed ice cream bananas, headless mummies with a face in their intestines that shoot out and attack people, and Theodore Roosevelt in pajamas. Some day we'll get to actually talking about Sega, I hope.

Episode Outline:

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:13 - News
00:44:30 - Sonic Gems: Decap Attack
00:59:03 - Main Topic: Sonic Team: Part 1
01:42:37 - Listener Questions

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Banana Addicts: Episode 7 is officially ready for download. This week we talked about: how to properly peel a banana, banana pudding, banana flavored Laffy Taffy, and sometimes we get off topic and mention Sega.

Here's how the banana peels:

00:00:00 - Introductions
00:11:44 - Sega News
00:37:25 - New & Upcoming Releases
00:47:47 - Sonic Gems: MDK 2 for Sega Dreamcast
01:05:54 - Main Topic: NAOMI Arcade Board
01:29:52 - Listener Questions
01:54:08 - Bananas

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Sega Addicts Episode 6 is here! It's an episode about Sega! Topher leaves halfway through because he's a busy beaver! A rock melon is a cantaloupe! Bottle Mansters! Sega! Sega! Sega!

And that's what it would be like if I was on speed.

Here's how the episode goes:

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:75 - Mature Games on the Wii Discussion
00:16:16 - New & Upcoming Releases
00:31:09 - Sonic Gems: Ristar (Also, Battle Monsters contest winner announced)
00:56:23 - Main Topic: Early 3D Arcade (Sega Model 1-3)
01:29:19 - Listener Questions
01:56:50 - MUSHROOMS

Download it here:

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