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Tokyo Game Show Booth Girl Slide Show!

Yo' Nick and Dale! You know Iím your HERO! LOL! But on the real, TGS 2008 was full of whack sauce! (IMO) But I did managed to snap a bunch of Booth Babe/Girls/Companions pictures for everyone. Go ahead watch the video here: http://www.dfpradio.com/?p=1938 and download a few (if not all) of the sample DFP/BASM photos of TGS 2008. FUCK YOU YANKEE BLUE JEANS!!!


SBO/Tougeki 2008: Slideshow!

Man, the past 4 days have been nothing short of amazing! SBO/Tougeki 2008 has come and gone but I managed to take a ton interesting pictures, run an interview with Justin Wong & NKI, and capture the Amazing Spider-Man Fran...


Tekken 6 Location Test (Shibuya)

I'll try to post the pictures ASAP. But off the back! Graphically, TEKKEN 6 is real fucking CLEAN! Like, I always use to complain about the character design and the models used for Tekken. But this new engine is quite spiffy...


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